No. 14-3-01115-3

Summons by Publication
Superior Court of Washington County of Clark
In re the Custody of: ISAAC CORDERO Child,
PAUL M. SAMWEL Petitioners,
And SARAH J. SAMWEL and TEOFILO T. CORDERO, Respondents. No. 14-3-01115-3
1. The petitioner has started an action in the above court requesting custody of the children listed in paragraph 1.3 of the Nonparental Custody Petition. 2. The petition also requests that the Court grant the following relief: Approve a parenting plan or residential schedule for the dependent children. Approve reasonable visitation.
Determine support for the dependent children pursuant to the Washington State child support statutes. Order either or both parents to maintain or provide health insurance coverage for the dependent children.
Change the name of the child to: Isaac James Samwel.
Enter a continuing restraining order.
Order the payment of day care expenses for the children.
Award the tax exemptions for the dependent children as follows:
To the Petitioners, Paul M. Samwel and Laurie A. Samwel
Order the payment of attorney fees, other professional fees and costs.
3. You must respond to this summons by serving a copy of your written response on the person signing this summons and by filing the original with the clerk of the court. If you do not serve your written response within 60 days after the date of the first publication of this summons (60 days after the 4th day of February, 2015), the court may enter an order of default against you, and the court may, without further notice to you, enter a decree and approve or provide for other relief requested in this summons. In the case of a dissolution, the court will not enter the final decree until at least 90 days after service and filing. If you serve a notice of appearance on the undersigned person, you are entitled to notice before an order of default or a decree may be entered.
4. Your written response to the summons and petition must be on form:
WPF CU 01.0300, Response to Nonparental Custody Proceeding.
Information about how to get this form may be obtained by contacting the clerk of the court, by contacting the Administrative Office of the Courts at (360) 705-5328, or from the Internet at the Washington State Courts homepage: 5. If you wish to seek the advice of an attorney in this matter, you should do so promptly so that your written response, if any, may be served on time. 6. One method of serving a copy of your response on the petitioner is to send it by certified mail with return receipt requested. 7. Other: Does not apply. This summons is issued pursuant to RCW 4.28.100 and Superior Court Civil Rule 4.1 of the State of Washington. Dated February 11, 2015 37487 Kirsten A. Samwel, Attorney for Petitioners /WSBA No. 14-3-01115-3 File Original of Your Response with the Clerk of the Court at: Clerk of the Court, Clark County Superior Court, P.O. Box 5000, Vancouver, WA, 98660-5000 Serve a Copy of Your Response on: Petitioner’s Lawyer Kirsten A. Samwel Samwel, Cousineau & Shea, PC,700 W Evergreen Blvd.,Vancouver, WA 98660
Samwel, Cousineau & Shea, PC, 700 W Evergreen Blvd.,Vancouver, WA 98660
Ph. (360)750-3789 / Fax (360)750-3788
Feb 20,27 Mar 6,13,20,27

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