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Interested in advertising with the Vancouver Business Journal, the source for reaching business decision makers in Southwest Washington?

Locally owned and operated by Brown Warrior Publishing since 2004, our mission is clear: to provide readers with high-quality, comprehensive coverage of local and regional business resulting in an audience of engaged community business leaders and executives.

“If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.”

We are not a mass medium publication. We keep a laser focus on the companies, institutions, and people of the SW Washington business community through online and print products resulting in a highly targeted, niche audience of 7,500+ readers per month. Much like the tiny mosquito, our targeted audience allows your marketing message to get attention and cause a reaction.

Our audience

75.7% of our readers are responsible for purchasing, leasing, policy making, and/or product development in their organization.

Digital advertising

We use online media platforms to leverage our digital audience

Along with your message on, we use retargeting technology to amplify your campaign with additional impressions that reach VBJ readers as they visit other websites.


  • Run of site banner advertising
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Print options

VBJ produces four quarterly magazines and two special publications during the year.

If you’re interested in having your message reach the business community in Southwest Washington, contact us.

New clients are eligible to receive a 33% discount on your first buy (with 3x commitment).

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