Political and social influence create stress on the job

How do you respond in the workplace when your trust in larger issues become shaken and unreliable?

Most people know how to draw the line between getting work done and feeling overwhelmed by the social and political news read and heard every day. Even if you avoid the news, we live in a country that has been emotionally charged. In every industry, there are an increasing number of stories about the effects of anxiety in the workplace.

Those who lead with conscious leadership listen to their employees and co-workers and work to keep a steady focus on the business at hand, unfortunately, due to reasons of accumulative stress issues our abilities to do what we do normally have become difficult. For example, some have trouble with deadline maneuvering and project delays because of problems overwhelming the talent of the team. Sometimes it is complicated as management policies push profit first, people last and communication is at an impasse, or the work is not fitting the needs of the customer, and both sides are blaming each other.

Stress due to trust-anxiety

Are you and others experiencing the following?

  • Find yourself not wanting to get up and go to work at a job you love.
  • Run out of energy sooner than usual.
  • Gaze off feeling no enthusiasm for your own ideas.
  • Comment or blame before thinking in important team meetings?
  • Loss of trust in your personal belief system.
  • No longer feel secure or protected.

When your personal beliefs are shaken, when a “moral compass” is broken, the trust in someone or of something becomes unreliable. Individuals who subscribe to the action of their own egos allowing tantrums and incognizant behavior to run without mature boundaries deliver a traumatizing effect and create damage in its wake.

To find solutions we need to be honest.

It is healing to our fragile self-confidence when we admit our downfalls and negative response toward the turmoil and numerous situations that are traumatizing our communities. We can admit that the pain and worry are upsetting our life; we also need to keep our cool and realize that during chaos we are responsible for our reactions. Take a step back and get answers to your questions, seek out clear knowledge and sound judgment, and most of all reconnect with what you love and still trust.

With trust comes courage, do for yourself what you would do for others.

There are many stories we hear about people helping others and fixing problems that deal with human need while it is happening. Every vigil, grass root involvement is a true testament of trust in the human spirit.

Our courageous choices are very near to us, we act closer to our true understanding than we think.  Our minds are inundated to accept complicated outcomes clouded by our fears but positive actions speak louder.

When management is not communicating effectively with the team the project can spin out of control and the whole thing can collapse, however, individual strength acting collectively can do better than anticipated. The fix lies in opening the door to our attitudes, letting-in unique abilities to find answers to complicated questions.

In the midst of so much input, it is valuable to revive our spirit from deep within. Give yourself a new opportunity for creativity; this happens primarily in a state of aloneness. Here you find solutions, a place where you are never bored and you don’t need any influence from the outside, however, you do need support from someone you can trust who believes in your courage and ability to experience your inner-truth and get past any outside influence that threatens your personal clarity.

In Conclusion

Continue reading honest information and sharing with people that make a difference in their life and business practices. Ask questions of your managers and people you admire, what are they doing to secure their personal trust in a healthy society? Engage with someone outside your inner circle who is committed to empowering your personal mark in the truth of your life experience now.

Ghaile Windeck, M.A., is a personal performance coach who provides executive coaching for professionals in the Vancouver/Portland metro area. She can be reached at info@ghailewindeck.com. Visit: ghailewindeck.com for more details.