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Business Growth Awards celebrates innovation and strategy

(Business Growth Awards keynote speaker Dan Moffat’s company, New Edge Networks, was misidentified through a typographical error in the print version of the Vancouver Business Journal. We sincerely regret the error.)

Southwest Washington continues to attract people from all over the world to live and work here. Many people move to our little corner of the earth even without having first secured a job. Others are transferring in and still others are being hired by the many international companies headquartered in Vancouver and Southwest Washington.

Over the past year the economy in Clark County and the surrounding area has been among the hottest in the nation. Not by coincidence it is also home to some of the fastest growing businesses in the state. So, as this incredible year winds to a close, the Vancouver Business Journal invites all those companies in Southwest Washington – large and small – to join us in celebrating these new economic times. Businesses that have managed to seize those opportunities will be recognized at the annual Business Growth Awards on March 23, 2006, by the Vancouver Business Journal.

The Business Growth Awards will honor four companies (or individuals) that have grown their businesses in the past year over and above expectations, and one business or individual will be named "Innovator of the Year." Yes, we live and work in what is currently a very vibrant economic market. But, as many of you can attest, it wasn’t always this way. Nor is the market as vibrant in all the other places that our local companies are doing business.

Sound management and business strategies are necessary to grow revenue and income whether you are operating an innovative local shoe store or a leading the industry worldwide in the manufacturing and sale of emergency medical flight hardware, as two of last year’s winners were.

The Vancouver Business Journal will name "Innovator of the Year" one person or company who has been able to take an innovation and make it economically viable and profitable. An innovator may be someone – or a company of people ­– who comes up with an idea for an entirely novel product or process. An innovator also can be someone who – using forethought and imagination – refines a product or process to make it more marketable. There are plenty of great ideas that just can’t be turned into increased revenue and profits. Smart businesses quickly discard them and look for the next opportunity.

The Business Growth Awards dinner is a special opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate the companies who have demonstrated the ability to grow in today’s changing, highly competitive business climate. The Vancouver Business Journal will celebrate the fastest growing business in the region that is between one and five years old, six to 10 years old and more than 10 years old. We believe that no matter where you are on the path, there’s room for growth. Please join us in this celebration by submitting your nominations for these categories, for Start Up of the Year and for Innovator of the Year. Nomination forms are available on our Web site or call us at 360-695-2442 for more information.

March 23, 2006

SW Washington Business Growth Awards

The Hilton Vancouver Conference Center

Guest speaker: Dan Moffat,
President, New Edge Networks

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