Get a look at the Book

The Book of Lists and the Business Growth Awards are two ways we honor growing businesses

Congratulations, subscriber, you are the proud owner of the Vancouver Business Journal’s Book of Lists, released last week.

This year’s book contains our most complete set of data yet. More than ever, business owners and managers responded with their companies’ information, and are acting as a tremendous resource to us through the process.

This responsiveness has led to a new product, the Electronic Book of Lists, which contains all the information from the book in Excel format, plus up-to-date data as it is received by our staff from company representatives. The 2007 Book of Lists contains 875 listings of the largest Clark County companies in 48 categories. The Electronic Book of Lists has more than 1,000 listings in 50 or more categories. The e-Book is available by calendar quarter or a full calendar year.

New this year to the Book of Lists is a look back at lists from ten years ago to celebrate ten years of the BOL. We published lists from 1997 categories such as Business Associations, Business and Industrial Parks, Home Builders, Largest Employers, Law Firms, Investment Firms, Insurance Agencies and many more. It was interesting for us to look back on the county’s prominent businesses, and see who was who and what was what – just ten years ago. The Pacific Northwest and Southwest Washington has been through significant economic upheaval since then. Some businesses came out on top, some came out of the woodwork, and some disappeared altogether. It’s a distinct honor to have chronicled these developments over the last ten years.

And in other news….

Releasing the Book of Lists is a reminder that the VBJ’s Southwest Washington Business Growth Awards is just around the corner. The third annual event and special publication is another way we will recognize those businesses that are moving up the list in their categories.

Although the celebration is in May this year, it’s not too early to start looking back at 2006. Did your business hire more employees? Did you exceed projections? Did you add a location or expand into a bigger space? Are you the owner of a successful start-up operation? Are you one of the fastest growing businesses in Southwest Washington? Our panel of business counselors at SCORE is preparing to evaluate your nomination. Look for an ad in today’s paper to learn more about how to nominate your company for one of the region’s most prestigious business awards.