How to grow real estate business during the holidays

Remind your clients that the months of November, December can be the best time to buy

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Charline Wright
CHARLINE WRIGHT Columbia River Realty

The months of November and December typically bring a lull in the real estate industry. But as the weather gets colder, your real estate business doesn’t have to. Here are three tips to help your business stay merry and bright during the holiday season.

Remind your clients that this is the best time of year to buy a home

Everybody knows that Black Friday is a great time to score big savings, but some of the best holiday deals involve real estate. Communicate to your clients that low inventory during this time of year means less buyers, less competition and the ability to negotiate a better deal on their behalf. Let them know that sellers are typically motivated if they’re listing their home during the holidays, and that closing is usually fast and interest rates are historically low as the year comes to a close. If they’re willing to brave the cold, they might just find the best real estate opportunity of the year.

Be available and let clients know it

An abundance of holiday parties and festive gatherings make it easy to assume that work is the last thing on our minds. Remind clients that you’re available by posting brokerage holiday hours and content to your blog and social media accounts. Content marketing during the holidays provides an opportunity to emotionally connect with your clients about the many nostalgic ways that being “home for the holidays” enhances our life.

Tell clients that it’s an honor to help them find a home where they want to spend time and live intentionally with people they care about. Post images that show a home as a soft place to land after a long winter’s day. Share home-related holiday tips for entertaining, decorating and connecting. Comment on and share others’ content, too.

With this said, do schedule time to enjoy the holidays with family and make the most out of your holiday moments!

Nurture your client relationships the old-fashioned way

This is the most wonderful time of year to build client relationships. At Columbia River Realty, we host an annual Gratitude Gathering for clients and send every client home with their favorite pie. I also encourage brokers to mail holiday cards and drop off inexpensive yet thoughtful holiday “pop by gifts.” The true gift is the investment of your time, plus this simple act will keep you top of mind. Participating in and sponsoring community holiday events also provide great relationship building opportunities during this charitable time of year.

The holiday season is full of hustle and bustle, but you can leverage the fun to connect with clients and grow your business.

Happy holidays!

Charline Wright opened Washougal’s only brick-and-mortar real estate brokerage in 2013 to better serve her community. She has more than four decades of business management and leadership experience and is a board member of the Camas-Washougal Chamber of Commerce. Wright can be contacted at

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