Are you making your business and product stand out?

An important factor is the quality of the images on your website, what you use to promote yourself

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Right now, being a small business is scary. COVID-19 is shutting down storefronts and revenue streams, it makes us quickly think of other ways to sustain and grow our business.

One of the ways that we are all sustaining ourselves through this is the power of the internet. But, with so many businesses online, it can be hard to set yourself apart from everyone else.

So, how are you making your business and product stand out?

An important factor is the quality of the images on your website and what you use to promote yourself on social media. Your potential customers spend 10 to 20 seconds on your website before they decide if they want to look into what you offer or if they feel the need to look for someone else. Social media requires images that can catch an eye as they quickly scroll down their screens. If you are planning on using a picture you just snapped on your phone, I ask you to reconsider.

What you need is an eye-catching image of your product or you. Put what you offer right in front of your clients and make them stop their search.

Many people believe photography is simple and that they can capture everything they need with their cellphones. Sorry to break it to you, but no matter what the manufacturer states in their ad, cellphones still have a way to go before they can match the quality of a professional DSLR and someone who knows what they are doing. Between lighting, angles, and professional editing, most cellphone images don’t hold a candle to the ability of the professionals.

Luckily, there are plenty of fantastic photographers in this area within multiple price points to help you step up your game. From full-on productions with multiple sets and lighting capabilities to those who will take your product out and place it in just the right places to capture your audience’s attention.

Bringing in (or mailing) products to a branding and product photographer can help create the eye-catching results you are looking for. Once the quarantine is over, I would also highly suggest bringing that photographer into where you work and start building some lifestyle images as well.

Take this time to start searching for photographers that seem to echo what your brand stands for. Use search engines to bring up images, scroll through Instagram with hashtags that may appeal to your client base, and look on Facebook to match up with one that you think will be able to capture your product or service in the way that you are wanting. There are so many different styles that photographers work in; you are bound to find the right one that knows how to capture your brand.

Most have no issues talking with you on the phone or even Zoom calling to make sure that they can help you with what you are looking for. If you aren’t sure what you need yet, meeting up with your photographer can help you find examples of similar projects to narrow down the look and feel of what you are conveying to your audience. We can also help layout specific campaigns and make a schedule for the photoshoots.

Once the shoot is over, you could have yourself a personalized image gallery to pull from when you need to advertise or freshen up your website. And don’t worry about using the image more than once. That’s the beauty of the library; you can make multiple advertising campaigns with different word graphics and setups to keep everything fresh. Depending on what you offer, it is a good idea to talk about the frequency of the photography shoots for you. If you have a high amount of inventory that changes frequently, the visits could be weekly to monthly. Seasonal, perhaps four times a year is the best option. It all depends on what you are looking to advertise to your potential clients.

With all of your product now categorized, don’t forget to step in front of the camera yourself. When we are able again, create a day where it’s just you and your business that the photographer is capturing. People want to see who is behind the brands that they love and will support you more when they know who you are. They don’t have to be stiff headshots, and we can just be following you throughout your day and creating images that you can use to break the ice and show your clients what you do for them.

Are you ready to start getting noticed online? Reach out to a local photographer!

Missy Fant is a commercial and branding photographer in Vancouver, Wash. Contact her at

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