Ryan Fletcher

Ryan Fletcher

Fun fact: The first marketing campaign I ever wrote. I was paid $500. At the time, I thought that was huge money. Two years later, I collected checks for $53,814 and $61,238 for marketing projects, and had been paid as much as $100,000 in royalties from having written a single sales letter. The fun fact: Good books can change your life and financial situation, pretty fast.

Favorite spot on a Saturday night: Wrestling with Batman aka (my little man) Jackson Cody Fletcher, and Wonder Woman (the name given to my daughter by “Batman”) Zoey Payton Fletcher. My rug rats are 4 and 1, and they always win.

Favorite movie: How about a favorite book? It was December 2006. I had just been rejected from medical school for the fourth year in a row. I was also failing as a real estate agent too, my new profession (at the time) by default. To make ends meet, I worked a seasonal part-time job at UPS as a box boy. With what I had left from my UPS paycheck, about $18 bucks, I ventured to Barnes & Noble to buy a Christmas gift for my sister. On the way to the book I was going to buy her, I stumbled upon the marketing section and leaning over just enough so I could see the cover, I saw the book The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy. As I flipped through it, it said you could write letters, mail them and get clients. So I bought it, and the rest is history. This was the first book that introduced me to copywriting and direct-response marketing. (Note: My sister didn’t get a Christmas present that year – I could only afford one book. The next year, I made up for it.)

Music of choice: None. I prefer Talk radio.

Favorite place to eat: Local “hole in the walls” – you always meet interesting people.

Motto/Inspirational quote: “Be careful who you let poison your mind about what is ‘normal.’ Hangout with people where their ‘normal’ is what you want.” – My grandpa.

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