Nancy Retsinas

Nancy Retsinas

Fun fact: Every Fourth of July we invite family to gather at our home in Central Vancouver, where we roast a whole 40 lb. lamb on a huge rotisserie in my backyard in celebration of America’s birthday. I did marry a Greek American, after all!

Favorite spot on a Saturday night: Wherever my husband is.

Favorite movie: “The Wizard of Oz.” We watched that movie as a family every year growing up. I still remember covering my face and ears with a pillow when the monkeys start flying, my heart pounding wildly. Yikes!

Music of choice: Gypsy Kings. Or Metallica, depending on the day I’m having.

Favorite place to eat: McMenamin’s on the Columbia.

Motto/Inspirational quote: “If we must speak, let it be kind. If we must speak, let it be true. If we must speak, let it be in peace. Everything else is trouble – both now and later. Everything else darkens our heart and does not clarify a situation nor add to the wisdom of the world.” – Fr. Stephen Freeman, Eastern Orthodox Priest

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