Kurt Rylander

Kurt Rylander

Fun fact: I’ve run marathons in Iceland and Medoc, France. I’ve bungee jumped, sky dived and jumped off of a 53-foot waterfall. But I don’t do anything risky.

Favorite spot on a Saturday night: When not having a tennis match (either me watching my wife, or my wife watching me), then we like dining out. We can often be found at Lapellah and occasionally Low Bar. We need to be close enough to drive home for our kids.

Favorite movie: This is a tough question. There a many good movies that I would count as favorites, but the list of top ten would always include Good Will Hunting and The Godfather I & II.

Music of choice: Almost anything, and plenty of it. I am currently listening to Macklemore, AC/DC and Jean Michel Jarre.

Favorite place to eat: Woody’s Tacos. I live and breathe Woody’s and get take out three or four times a week. I also love the adult mac-n-cheese at Main Event.

Motto/Inspirational quote: What I try to remember: Act justly, show mercy, walk humbly. What I tell myself daily: If it is to be, it is up to me. What I tell my kids: You have no choice in what you look like, how tall you are, or what brains you have, but you do have choice in whether you have character and act with integrity. Choose well.

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