Dan Wyatt

Dan Wyatt

Fun fact: Motion pictures were invented as a result of a bet about the nature of how the horse gallops. Oh you mean about me? My oldest son was born in view of the Hollywood Sign at Cedars-Sinai next door to the Hard Rock Cafe. Movies, music and family. Oh yeah! I’m a pop culture geek.

Super power: The power of paradox. I have little issue in attempting to reconcile things that are seemingly opposing and contradictory. I work on developing this strength daily. See photo.

Favorite spot on a Saturday night: Main Street USA, Disneyland, but Main Street, Vancouver USA is a close second!

Favorite movie: Back to the Future, not merely just a fun popcorn movie (see superpower). The script is quite brilliant. But there is a top ten list I’d love to share. While these are not all the best movies ever made, they have a common theme of living according to your passion and/or redemption of the family – two things that resonate with me personally.
In order (following Back to the Future at 1):

2. Raising Arizona – “I don’t know, maybe it was Utah?” My favorite of the always quotable Coen movies.

3. Network – An absurd, satirical look at broadcast television. As if we needed a movie to point that out, but still it is one of the best scripts ever produced.

4. It’s a Wonderful Life – Citizens of Vancouver, can we not relate to the plight of George Bailey?

5. Mary Poppins – Saving Mr. Banks demonstrated why this was a profound movie among Disney titles.

6. Hugo – The movie that ultimately tipped my decision to take on the Kiggins.

7. Sound of Music – No, I do not have a Julie Andrews “thing.” (I am quite charmed by Audrey Hepburn though)

8. Jerry Maguire – The greatest sports movie that was not actually about sports, but life.

9. The General (1926) – Buster Keaton was ahead of his time.

10. Raiders of the Lost Ark – My childhood favorite. The first time I remember being gripped by the power of cinema. June 12, 1981 at Moyer Theater, Vancouver Mall

Music of choice: At the moment, Honky Tonk/Trucker country. No Nashville pop allowed! Also the Rolling Stones are the greatest country band ever. Don’t believe me? See Honky Tonk Woman, Dead Flowers, Girl with the Far Away Eyes, etc. I will always be a rocker at heart though, from the early days of Bill Haley and Gene Vincent up through the grungy nineties.

Favorite place to eat: Philippe in Los Angeles, home of the French Dip Sandwich. I actually make a pilgrimage there about once a year. Best chili I ever had which is saying a lot considering my Texas roots.

Motto/Inspirational quote: “To all that come to this happy place, welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past… and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and the hard facts that have created America… with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.” – Walt Disney

I have a paraphrased version for the Kiggins that I keep in mind as I continue to develop our brand of entertainment.

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