Up Close With Susan Stokman

Susan Stokman

Current job: I am the owner of Body in Motion Massage Therapy, a practice of medical/orthopedic massage and craniosacral therapy located in downtown Vancouver.

Proudest professional moment: There are two moments I am proud of: (1) Finishing up massage school, almost four years ago now, and being told by all my instructors that I was not only the valedictorian, but I was also chosen to be the graduating class speaker; (2) Starting my own business shortly after graduating massage school where I am able to not only work in my selected field, but in the niche of orthopedic massage that I am so passionate about.

First job: When I was 13 years old I washed dogs for a local dog groomer in my home town of Chicago. It was kind of a wet and stinky job, but hey, someone had to do it!

Fun fact: I love the look on people’s faces when I tell them that I am a licensed aircraft mechanic. I received my certification 2004. I started out working for a small general aviation outfit in Troutdale, Oregon for a few months, then I went over to Horizon Air lines where I was one of the few female line mechanics that worked on graveyard.

Favorite spot on a Saturday night: Home, either on the couch or sleeping in my bed. My nights usually end early so I like lounging around in my pajamas in my comfy place.

Favorite movie: “The Sound of Music.” I love the scenery and have a huge love of music and song.

Music of choice: My music of choice is oldies & blues. I grew up listening to the oldies with my parents. Blues music just falls into place with me. Really, I love all music, but oldies & blues are what I prefer to listen to.

Favorite place to eat: I don’t think I have a favorite restaurant per say, but I do have a love for excellent seafood (crab, lobster, steelhead, scallops). There’s nothing like eating fresh seafood from the PNW.

Motto/Inspirational quote: “Hakuna Matata” – made famous by Disney’s The Lion King. Take it easy, live one day at a time, and yet? Live life to the fullest. Enjoy what you do! Work, play, have fun! Life is too short to let it go by!