Brian Willoughby

Brian Willoughby

First job: Working for my father, in construction, throughout my childhood. First paid job was as a clerk at Stan’s Men’s Store in my hometown of Woodland, Calif. (I can size a wall of pants in no time.)

Fun fact: I took a Spanish class with Chelsea Clinton.

Favorite spot on a Saturday night: At home or playing penny-ante poker with some buddies.

Favorite movie: I’m torn. Umm, umm, umm … OK, if I have to choose, I say “Rear Window.” (With “Princess Bride” as a close second. And “Serenity” in third place.)

Music of choice: I have a daughter who loves everything from Etta James to White Stripes, and she’s usually in charge of music selection. So I just follow along.

Favorite place to eat: With apologies to all the local fine-dining establishments in our community, I have to say Burgerville – for its food, and for its sustainability practices. It’s among the things I missed most when we lived away from Vancouver for four years.

Motto/Inspirational quote: Paraphrasing William Blake, “We were made for joy and woe, and when this we rightly know, through the world we safely go.”

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