Strategic Partner Spotlight: RSV Building Solutions

The company is owned and operated by siblings Vickie Dalton, president, and Ron Frederiksen, chairman and CEO

Courtesy of RSV Building Solutions

RSV Building Solutions was formed in 1974 as a construction contractor by Gene and Jocelyn Frederiksen. Today, the company is owned and operated by siblings Vickie Dalton, president, and Ron Frederiksen, chairman and CEO. They are the ‘R’ and ‘V’ in RSV Building Solutions.

When Ron joined the company in 1980, the company soon emerged as a leader in design-build construction services. Today, the Vancouver-based company specializes in commercial, industrial, office and nonprofit construction projects.

“Design-Build is a construction management process where a client engages a trusted partner early in the construction cycle to direct all components of a construction project, including property selection, design, financing, permitting, site preparation, planning and construction,” Frederiksen. “We serve a broad range of industries, from churches and restaurants to manufacturing and medical services.”

Today, RSV Building Solutions generally operates with a core staff of about a dozen. At times, they can flex to more than two dozen. They have a wide network of service providers, suppliers and subs who are well-versed in the design-build approach.

The construction industry saw an abrupt halt in projects at the onset of the pandemic, but once construction work was given the green light to resume, the company has been working diligently to keep things progressing.

“The pace of activity has continued to accelerate since last summer as clients realized the pandemic was a temporary disruption but not a repeat of the Great Recession,” Frederiksen said.

As a result of this increase in business, RSV recently established a Field Services Division which helps clients address and diagnose maintenance, repairs and workspace changes. Their team and network of suppliers connects with clients on-site within just a few hours of a call to help address their issue while minimizing disruption to business workflow. Frederiksen said that this arm of the business has become very popular, and they expect it to grow as people continue returning to the workplace and need improvements.

Looking ahead, the company will continue to navigate the unique challenges that the construction industry is facing right now, including lumber and steel price jumps, a shortage in labor resources and difficult permitting processes. They plan on continuing to use their four decades of experience to provide the best solutions to each client.

“We are increasingly being sought to advise decision-makers at national and global companies who need to make wise construction decisions about locating or expanding operations in our region,” Frederiksen said. “Many larger organizations have design, engineering and construction contractors but still need local market insights to deliver projects here. We are exploring ways we can provide owners representative services while also driving more business to local suppliers and subs who have proven so reliable and trustworthy over decades of collaboration.”

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