OHSU Knight Cancer Institute program expanding to Clark County

Legacy hospital
Pictured: Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center

The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute and Legacy Health have partnered with The Vancouver Clinic (TVC) to expand their network of integrated adult cancer care clinics into Southwest Washington.

The clinics are part of the OHSU Knight – Legacy Health Cancer Collaborative, formed in July 2013 to provide more coordinated community cancer care to patients, in more locations, and to share resources instead of duplicating services.

Previously, the clinics were only located in Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas and Columbia counties.

“OHSU has access to things that we’ve not had access to,” said Kelly Love, public relations and communications consultant at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center. “So if you’re a breast cancer patient and you’re given maybe two scenarios of treatment options, through a certified credentialed cancer institute like OHSU, with different trials you might have five options. I think that’s one of the big things with this agreement. Another big thing is you don’t have to go over to Portland.”

With the expansion into Clark County, adult cancer care services will be provided by Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center at its main campus and at The Vancouver Clinic’s 87th Avenue location.

Specific services include:

  • Hematology and medical oncology clinic and infusion clinic at The Vancouver Clinic’s 87th Avenue location, opening on March 21;
  • Infusion and radiation oncology clinics at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center’s main campus;
  • Hematology and medical oncology clinic at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center’s main campus, opening summer 2017.

All clinics will be operated and managed by Legacy Salmon Creek as an outpatient department of the hospital. As a result, TVC’s oncology and infusion team will be transferred into the employ of Legacy Salmon Creek on March 21.

“Legacy Salmon Creek is thrilled with the development of the Cancer Collaborative in Clark County recognizing that a community-based approach to cancer care benefits all of our patients,” said Bryce Helgerson, president of Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center. “This collaboration provides patients nationally-accredited cancer care near their homes in Vancouver and surrounding areas.”

Mark Mantei, CEO of The Vancouver Clinic, said that Legacy and the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute will benefit from working with TVC’s experienced and service-oriented specialists.

“This collaboration will more closely integrate adult cancer care treatment options for our patients and ensure efficient utilization of healthcare resources throughout the region,” he added.

The collaboration does not impact current surgical or inpatient care provided by OHSU or Legacy Health.