Meet the VBJ’s Accomplished & Under 40 Class of 2022

The VBJ's Accomplished & Under 40 Class of 2022 was honored during an awards luncheon on Nov. 10. Photo by Joanna Yorke-Payne

On Nov. 10, we celebrated and honored the 16 individuals that make up the Vancouver Business Journal’s Accomplished & Under 40 Class of 2022 during an awards luncheon at the AC Hotel by Marriott down on the Vancouver Waterfront at Terminal 1. These amazing, community-driven professionals will be featured in our December issue of Vancouver Business Magazine, but we wanted to introduce them to you now and tell you a bit about each person in these profiles. Congratulations again to the Class of 2022!

Jasmine Ames

U.S. Bank/U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation

Jasmine Ames describes herself as a “self-motivated client relationship builder and passionate community leader with a compassion to advocate for unrepresented populations with over 12 years of experience in the financial service and healthcare industries with the ability to drive and exceed organizational expectations.”

As the relationship manager – vice president with U.S. Bank/U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation, Jasmine is responsible for managing commercial customer relationships with various banking departments, analyzing financial data, preparing proposals, identifying customer needs and ensuring accurate asset management under the U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation at U.S. Bank, managing $5 million in deposits in the Southwest region.

In addition to her professional life, Jasmine is also deeply committed to bettering her community through her role on the Share Board of Directors and chairing the Share Finance Committee. She is also on the Willamette University Alumni Board of Directors and is the vice chair of the Career Committee.

In a letter of recommendation for Jasmine from Share Executive Director Diane McWithey, she wrote: “Jasmine is a self-motivated, client relationship builder and passionate community leader committed to advocating for unrepresented populations. Her more than 12 years of experience financial service and healthcare industries have imbued her with the ability to drive and succeed organizational expectations. She is committed to involvement in U.S. Bank initiatives, from leading its health and wellness board to being a liaison for diversity, equity and inclusion.”

“It truly takes a village. This recognition is more extensive than being about me. It is a blessing and a display of the courage and substantial support I have received in my life,” Jasmine said. “Most importantly, this is a representation of my mother. Who taught me that my dreams matter and glass ceilings do not exist. How to be courageous, resilient, and, most importantly, share love. This recognition is also a tribute to those fighting silent battles, for those who do not feel like they are enough, for black women and my community here in SW Washington.”

“Thank you to my mother and sister for packing my lunches, taking care of me so I can show up for others, my friends, my church, my family, mentors and number one supporters and institutions that have elevated my voice and provided me the space to succeed,” Jasmine continued. “To specifically name a few; Diane McWithey, Kim Hash, Codi Hildebrandt, Zack Boyers, Dr. Fiona Creed, SHARE Inc., U.S. Bank/ and U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., the University of Washington, Willamette University Atkinson school of management, Northeastern University, and Emmitt Johnson. Thank you all, I would not be where I am and continue to thrive without all of you.”

Angelina (Lina) Anderson

Daela Cosmetic Tattoo

Co-owner, master trainer and artist at Daela Cosmetic Tattoo, Angelina Anderson and her business partners recently a second studio location in downtown Vancouver (the first location being in Portland) for training and client appointments.

Specializing in lip blush tattoo, areola restoration and 3D nipple tattoo, Lina is able to offer a special procedure that restores areolas for women who have been affected by breast cancer to help them feel whole again. In addition, she also works with people who have opted to have top surgery as part of their gender affirmation treatment.

In addition to her professional achievements, Lina is also very involved with her community. She is an active volunteer for the Janus Youth Program and also the Camas-Washougal Community Chest. Prior to its closure in 2021, Lina also served as the ambassador board chair of the Susan G. Komen Oregon and Southwest Washington chapter.

In a letter of recommendation for Lina, Chief Growth Officer with Riff Alan Hwang wrote: “In addition to her human-centric characteristics, Lina is an incredibly impressive business leader. She has been recognized nationally and internationally for her specialty, which includes news coverage and clients traveling specifically for her expertise. She has leveraged her unique skillset to successfully launch an online training business, as well as move Daela Cosmetic Tattoo into franchise model, with a location opening in Vancouver, Wash., and several newly planned locations for other states.”

“I am beyond honored to have been selected for the Accomplished and Under 40 Class of 2022,” Lina said. “I was so shocked and excited to find out that some amazing friends in the community nominated me. It’s not every day you win something that you didn’t even know you entered after all. I am just working day to day, doing my best to give as much as I can, and I feel grateful that it has impacted those around me enough to think of me for this award.”

Katy Belokonny

PointNorth, Inc.

Katy Belokonny, principal and vice president of engagement with PointNorth, Inc., has a background that includes a wealth of experience in the transportation and infrastructure sector. She is very familiar with planning, policy and public service delivery within Southwest Washington, and has led community outreach and communications programs within communities for the past decade.

In her roles with PointNorth, Katy as been responsible for communication strategy and implementation; community outreach during planning, development and construction efforts; internal agency and external public engagement; media relations; talking point development and presentations; and event planning.

In addition to her work, Katy has also served over the past year on Identity Clark County’s Board of Directors in the honorary Ed Lynch board seat. She is also a volunteer with FISH Pantry and has a certificate in BaCE (Building a Community of Equity) Enrichment Services from WSU Vancouver.

In a letter of recommendation for Katy written by Kimberly Pincheira, communications and external relations manager for the Interstate Bridge Replacement Program, Pincheira wrote: “Katy has consistently proven to be both effective and enthusiastic, always willing to lean in and take on any initiative the program needs (even when it isn’t easy). She has demonstrated a commitment to bettering our community by helping to ensure a strong and meaningful public process is executed as part of this program.”

“I’ve been blessed through the course of my career to have people in my path that have encouraged and elevated me to achieve beyond what I would have been able to on my own,” Katy said. “Being a recipient of this award is an affirmation that my life’s work in, and for, Clark County makes a noticeable difference to those I have the honor of working alongside.”

Chris Brox

Share, Inc.

Chris Brox was hired as the finance director at Share, Inc. in October of 2021. In this role, Chris oversees the accounting department, including account policies and procedures, compliance, budgeting and forecasting, managing cash liquidity, monitoring grant revenue, and recording and reporting. He also manages the accounting staff and provides direction, mentorship and training. His responsibilities also include preparing monthly financial statements for presentation to the Finance Committee, Board of Directors and management.

In addition to this professional life, Chris most recently served six years as a board director for Human Solutions, Inc. in Portland, including one year as board treasurer, where he helped develop a strategic and equity plan and approved fiscal and operational policies for the agency’s annual budget of more than $16 million. He also served five years as board treasurer and bookkeeper for Sisters of the Community in Portland.

In a letter of recommendation for Chris from Amy Reynolds, Share deputy director, she wrote: “Chris’ work ethic and professionalism are beyond reproach. His strengths include his effective ability to communicate with the accounting team and department managers, as well as external professionals. He is a highly motivated manager with skills in developing staff and efficient business processes. He is confident in expressing his ideas and receiving feedback and dedicated to the continuous elevation of integrity and excellence of Share’s accounting policies and procedures.”

“Over a decade ago I found a mentor that strongly encouraged me to stive to be nominated for a ‘under 40’ award,” Chris said. “Since then, I have continued to focus on professional development to better position myself to being in roles that allow me to influence organizations that have an impact on our community. Receiving this award has been a decade’s long work effort.”

Rori Dicker

Council for the Homeless

With more than five years of experience in direct communication with the area’s houseless community, and more than two years working and volunteering with community agencies in support of harm reduction and supportive housing, Rori Dicker currently works as the outreach coordinator for the Council for the Homeless.

Having experienced trauma, a substance use disorder and homelessness herself, Rori’s passion is to support and encourage the next individual on their journey to safe and stable housing by using her first-hand perspective and professional trainings, but most importantly, her heart. In addition to her work with the Council for the Homeless, Rori also serves as a volunteer/outreach coordinator with Recovery Café of Clark County and is the coordinator of community services for Thrive2Survive. At these organizations, she helps to recruit and train new volunteers, helps to provide resources for those in need and more.

In a letter of recommendation for Rori from Clara Johnson, coordinated outreach director with the Council for the Homeless, she wrote: “Rori’s story is remarkable. She has had to overcome a great deal of personal trauma, including homelessness, mental health and substance abuse. Her lived experience gives her an uncanny ability to genuinely connect with everyone she comes into contact with. She fulfills any commitment she makes no matter how many responsibilities she faces in a day and she does it all with a smile on her face.”

“This recognition confirms that recovery is real,” Rori said. “From the darkest days of my life came the most explosive desire to not give up and to continue to fight. But this time, my fight would not be alone. I became willing to listen and humble enough to admit I didn’t have all the answers. Through it all I gained the support of an incredible community of friends, family and co-workers that have my back. In my work at Council for the Homeless, Thrive2Survive and a number of other community agencies, I have learned the values of radical compassion, collaboration and meeting people where they are at. I know today for sure, together we are stronger.”

Megan Dixon

Integrated Tax Services

Currently the director of community & client relations at Integrated Tax Services, Megan Dixon became interested in financial planning and possibly changing careers several years ago. This led to her eventually being offered a position by Heidi Johnson Bixby at Integrated Tax Services. Although Megan was a non-accountant in a tax and accounting practice, Heidi said she learned the language quickly and as the business manager brought her own wisdom to add to the culture.

In addition to her professional work, Megan also has a love for the Clark County community as well as area nonprofits. She is a co-founder of Ripple Impact NW and is currently the board vice chair, and she is also the current board president on the Fosterful Board of Directors. She has also participated in helping with capital campaigns, private-public partnerships, major giving, foundation grants and community fundraising in the amount of $10-$15 million over four years.

In a letter of recommendation for Megan from Cynthia Boman Thompson, CFO/COO at Integrated Tax Services, she wrote: “Megan is a consummate professional with energy, passion and goodwill for our clients. She brings leadership, focus and drive to our teams while supporting on multiple strategic initiatives and planning for great client experiences. The tax profession can be a stressful arena and Megan brings grace, positivity and kindness to our office daily. She is an invaluable member of our leadership team here.”

“I am humbled to be selected as one of this year’s Accomplished & Under 40 honorees,” Megan said. “It is not lost on me that to be accomplished, one must have opportunities in life to succeed. I have immense gratitude for the mentors and leaders who have guided and trusted me to try new things, make mistakes and reach my goals. I also know there is great abundance in this community, and when we work together, we are reminded that anything is possible. We have what we need, right here, to create the future we wish to see.”

Stacey Gibbins

Northwest Association for Blind Athletes

As vice president and director of programs & services at Northwest Association for Blind Athletes (NWABA), Stacey Gibbins’ list of duties is a long one – developing, implementing and monitoring strict budgets for each of the organization’s programs; supporting and supervising program staff; actively participating in strategic planning with the executive director and the Board of Directors; managing all aspects of program events and operations throughout the region, and much more.

In addition to her role with NWABA, Stacey is also board president of the Pacific Northwest Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (PNW-AERBVI). She is also an AERBVI member and an American Camping Association member. Stacey is a board member of the Blind and Visually Impaired Student Fund and is a past board president of the AER Division 19 Physical Activity and Recreation.

In a letter of recommendation for Stacey from Billy Henry, founder and president/CEO of NWABA, he wrote: “Stacey has led NWABA’s program expansion to provide more ongoing services in Southwest Washington; championed the launch of our Camp Spark Program; and helped to spin the organization’s Sports Adaptions Program, which now has a national impact. Stacey has exemplified each of our core values in every way since joining the team and continues to grow her leadership skills as her team has grown from one to 11 (and counting) team members.”

“Eight and a half years ago, I moved 3,000 miles to Vancouver to join Northwest Association for Blind Athletes,” Stacey said. “Every step since has been incredible and beyond even my biggest dreams. Investing in NWABA’s mission impact is and will continue to be my life’s work. I would not be here accepting this honor without the support of our incredible team and community. I am deeply humbled to be receiving this award. Thank you to all that made this possible.”

Erin Jaso Longfellow

The Historic Trust

In her role as director of event facilities with The Historic Trust since May of 2021, Erin Jaso Longfellow has greatly increased the number of event rentals held at the Historic Reserve and Providence Academy venues managed by the Trust on behalf of the community. The expansion from 147 events in 2021 to 245 events to date in 2022 translates into a more than 50% increase in revenue. In addition to increasing revenue, Erin has strategically expanded and trained staff, established new efficiencies by replacing outdated software and thoughtfully improved facilities, all while respecting the unique history represented by the latter.

Some of Erin’s past professional and community affiliations include the Board of Directors, Fundraising and Concessions, for Shahala Middle School PTO; the Board of Directors, VP of Volunteer Development for the Fisher’s Landing Elementary PTO; the Board of Directors, VP of Finance, Director of Finance and Director of Special Education Projects for Meeting Professionals International; and the Board of Directors, Logistics Chair, for Wedding Network USA. Her volunteer experience includes being an assistant to a visually impaired person from 2020-2021, volunteering at the Oregon Food Bank from 2015-2020 and volunteering as a Humane Society for Southwest Washington Cattery volunteer from 2017-2019.

In a letter of recommendation for Erin from Gregory Heinze, president of the Meeting Professionals International Oregon Chapter, he wrote: “Erin is dedicated, tireless and has an infectious energy that changes the dynamic of any team she leads. The Vancouver community is lucky to have Erin as a member and will continue to see her lead the way for years to come.”

“To be nominated and selected for the Accomplished and Under 40 2022 Class is such an outstanding surprise and honor,” Erin said. “This recognition is motivating and humbling – a  reminder the work I do in the community matters.”

Justin Jenks

Opsahl Dawson CPAS

Recently promoted to senior manager at Opsahl Dawson CPAs, Justin Jenks started at the company early in his career and steadily worked his way through the positions of staff, senior and manager. In his current role, Justin actively manages more than 200 clients in matters including but not limited to federal and state quarterly and annual tax filings, tax planning, financial statements and outsourced controller. He is also responsible for leading a team of associates, training staff and developing new training methods.

Aside from his professional work, Justin is also very involved with his community. He is a currently a member of the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants, Supervisory Committee Chair for the Pacific Northwest Federal Credit Union and a mentor for the WSU Carson College of Business Carson Coaching Program. In the past, Justin was also an executive board member and finance committee member with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and a member of the Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants.

In a letter of recommendation for Justin from Aaron Dawson, CPA and managing shareholder at Opsahl Dawson, he wrote: “Justin is honest, dependable and hardworking. Beyond that, he is an impressive leader who is patient and kind to his coworkers. Justin has been the backbone to our growth in the Vancouver market and is often called to duty on our most complex client cases. He has helped build our Vancouver office and remote work force from a staff count of 25 to our current staff count of 80.”

“Receiving this award isn’t an accomplishment earned solely by me, but rather by all of those in the Vancouver community who have been role models along the way up to this point in my professional career,” Justin said. “This award is a symbol representing countless examples in my life who have never given up on me and always held me to a high standard. I now strive to be a positive example for others and advocate for their success so they too can be able to give back to this incredible community we call home.”

Bob (Bobby) Rasaphangthong

Nom Nom Restaurant & Grill

Since first opening Nom Nom Restaurant & Grill in Vancouver in 2017, Bob (Bobby) Rasaphangthong has went on to open two more restaurants – another Nom Nom in the Pearl District in Portland and SAAP Fusion Kitchen in Vancouver. As general manager of all three restaurants, Bob spends a lot of time investing in his employees, encouraging and educating them about the importance of financial independence. He helps his employees devise individual plans for how they define their own success and develop inroads to first time homeownership. Prior to opening Nom Nom, Bob was a realtor with Equity Northwest for seven years.

Bob also continues to contribute and give back to his community in many ways as well. He has been a contributing member and participate with Open House Ministries, Pink Lemonade Golf Tournament, Adopt a Room with DC Lending, Eagle Creek Fire donation drive for families directly impacted, Share’s “Soup’s On,” Leukemia Lymphoma Society, GiveMore24! and more.

In a letter of recommendation for Bob, Lina A. Rios, a financial advisor in downtown Vancouver, wrote: “At the restaurant, Bob treats every one that walks in as though they are VIP. His abundant mentality, his love for family and his passion to serve his community is a true testament to his character. Not many can say they have accomplished as much as he has in such a short time as a restaurant owner. Most business owners work many years to be able to then afford themselves the time and finances to give back. Bob simply integrated that as part of his business philosophy.”

“It means a lot to be recognized by my peers, other business owners and community members,” Bob said. “It has been a privilege to serve my customers and local community.  I feel a lot of gratitude being recognized alongside other young professionals.”

Heather Romero

LSW Architects, PC

As an interior designer, Heather Romero strives to positively impact people through the spaces she designs. With more than eight years of experience in public and private projects, Heather has been with LSW Architects since 2016 and currently fills the role of associate and director of interiors. Some of the project experience that Heather has with LSW includes design work on Vancouver iTech Preparatory; Vancouver Innovation, Technology and Arts (VITA) Elementary School; The Hammond Kitchen and Craft Bar and more.

In addition to her work with LSW, Heather is a member of the Greater Vancouver Chamber, Women in Leadership; a member of the International Interior Design Association; a member of the NCIDQ; and she was also a small-business owner of Winkels Twinkles Candles.

In a letter of recommendation for Heather, President at LSW Architects Esther Liu wrote: “Heather is someone that has a great deal of love for people and is enthusiastic about the work she does. She is an exceptional teammate exceling in many areas and leading our interiors group as Director of Interiors. As someone who cares deeply for always striving for excellence and wanting to improve and grow, she has been one of the longest-standing members of LSW’s Best Place to Work group. With her involvement and contributions over many years, LSW is a better place for all of us.”

“Being nominated and an honoree into the Accomplished and Under 40 class of 2022 is a tremendous honor,” Heather said. “When I chose to go back to college to obtain my bachelor’s degree in Interior Design there was hesitation from others that it may not be a suitable career in the long term, as the profession is often misunderstood. Looking back from then to today brings me great joy to see how far I have come. Not only myself, but also the industry. Having an impact on people’s lives through physical space (most often times without them even realizing it) is both a science and an art, and if I can make a positive impact in even one person’s life then I have succeeded.”

Diana Rutherford

Realty One Group Prestige

As a Realtor with Realty One Group Prestige, Diana Rutherford’s mission and passion that everyone has the opportunity and access to not only shelter, but to obtain the title of “homeowner.” Diana fully believes that the stronger our community is around us, we can do wonders. This is one reason that she gives 10% of every commission check to local charities and organizations that align with the values of a better community.

In addition to her work as a Realtor, Diana is also heavily involved with the community. She is the 2022 community service chair for the Camas/Washougal Rotary; 2022 membership director for Soroptimist International of Clark County; 2022 young professionals network president for the Clark County Association of Realtors; and participates in various ongoing volunteer efforts and money given to Clark County Food Bank, Heritage Farms, Family Community Resource Center for the Camas School District, Resource Center for Washougal School District and Better Together Networking Group.

In a letter of recommendation for Diana, Branch Manager/Loan Officer at CrossCountry Mortgage Cody Steinmann wrote: “As a mortgage lender it is inspiring to see Diana encourage her fellow real estate agents and contribute to their growth and success. You will be hard pressed to find someone in our industry who willingly will bring her ‘competitors’ to lunch or local fundraiser.”

“I am honored to be a recipient of this year’s Accomplished Under 40 Class of 2022,” Diana said. “To be surrounded by like-minded professionals who have asked themselves: ‘How can I use my position to serve something bigger than myself?’ is beyond humbling. This award reminds me that it is a magnificent thing being a human being. To be an impactful part of the good we see in our community should be at the forefront of every decision we should make in our business. Cheers to Class of 2022, you are an inspiration.”

Lizzy Safranski

Evergreen Consulting Group

As Director, Intermountain West Contracts at Evergreen Consulting Group, Lizzy Safranski is responsible for identifying opportunities for and implementing strategies to achieve new and expanded business; managing and driving delivery on Evergreen’s utility contracts for seven clients across six Western states; leading a team of more than 30 employees to achieve targeted savings and budget goals, and providing mentoring and guidance to support the team and ensure they are all aligned to achieve client success.

Lizzy is also involved with several different community organizations. She has been a Vancouver Farmers Market board member since May 2018 and is currently boar president. She is also a Boys and Girls Club volunteer basketball coach and a Hazel Dell Little League volunteer T-ball coach.

In a letter of recommendation for Lizzy from Vancouver Farmers Market Executive Director Jordan Boldt, he wrote: “It is important to recognize that Lizzy does not fit the mold of most nonprofit board members I find myself interacting with. She is a mother who works full time in an unrelated technical industry and who has constant demands on her time an attention. Even so, she steps away from her many responsibilities and commits to a totally different kind of work, supporting small-business development, low-income food access, and a thriving and healthy community. We need more leaders like Lizzy in our community who leave their comfort zones and give selflessly to make Clark County a better place.”

“This recognition led me to reflect, with humility and gratitude, on the people in my life who have supported and encouraged me to grow into the person I am today,” Lizzy said. “I am proud and privileged to be able to contribute in a meaningful way to causes that I care so deeply about.”

Erika Saracco

City Ranked Media, Inc.

As current president of City Ranked Media, Inc., digital marketing agency, Erika Saracco has experienced many accomplishments, including scaling the company to 32+ FTE while maintaining a steady labor cost percentage to income; transforming 2018 profit losses to 2019 positive cash flow by reducing costs and optimizing the team structure to operate more efficiently, and successfully scaling the company to more than $3 million in annual revenue while continuing to experience growth in profit margins.

Erika also uses her professional expertise to give back to her community. She is involved with Art Discovery at Harmony Elementary School, is webmaster for the Clark College Foundation, webmaster for the Clark County Veterans Assistance Center, and webmaster and donor to Sorelle Forte, a women’s-only cycling club in Portland.

In a letter of recommendation for Erika from Owner and Founder of City Ranked Media Duane Baumgartner, he wrote: “Erika has the keen ability to develop, implement and execute large-scale processes, all while motivating a large team, keeping them focused on the larger goals of an organization. She has been instrumental in development of a senior leadership team and department managers, all while helping to grow a team from six employees to our current levels of 35 employees and counting.”

Lauren Simpson Helgeson

Martel Wealth Advisors

In her position in Portfolio Services at Martel Wealth Advisors, Lauren Simpson Helgeson creates and distributes comprehensive annual financial planning reports for high-net-worth clients, inclusive of personalized balance sheets and retirement projections based on various market conditions. She also works to manage reporting and billing for small-business employer-sponsored 401(k) retirement plans, manage reporting and billing for annuities, and support company marketing, events and hiring.

Lauren’s community involvement includes being active as a Vancouver Rotary Club member, a member of the Whitman College Alumni Relations Committee and a Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumnae. Previously, she has been involved with the Diversity Council at Redfin HQ, Lions Clubs International and Whitman College Kappa Kappa Gamma (order of Omega). Lauren has also been a Walla Walla Odd Fellows volunteer, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation volunteer, harpist for hospital/hospice care and Hudson’s Bay High School Doernbecher Children’s Hospital fundraiser chair.

In a letter of recommendation for Lauren from Martel Wealth Advisors’ President Mark Martel, he wrote: “Lauren continuously looks to identify and develop new ways we can bring better service to clients. Although her work is often analytical in nature, Lauren always brings a warm and calming approach, which helps put nervous clients at ease. Her client-centered approach inspires all of us to work diligently to meet the needs of clients. She is a leader because of her compassion and dedication to clients.

“I am humbled and honored to join such an exceptional group of young and talented community-driven leaders inducted into the Vancouver Business Journal’s Accomplished and Under 40 Class of 2022,” Lauren said. “I’d like to express my appreciation to Mike Bomar (President of the Rotary Club of Vancouver and Director of Economic Development at the Port of Vancouver USA) for his nomination, Lisa Taylor (Vice President of Customer Loyalty at Redfin) for her endorsement, and Mark Martel (President of Martel Wealth Advisors) for his guidance and unwavering support. As a recipient of this prestigious award, I look forward to collaborating with past and present honorees to further serve the people and businesses of Clark County.”

Jeffrey Wallace

Washington State Patrol

Washington State Patrol Trooper Jeffrey Wallace currently works in the Field Operations Bureau – District 5 in Vancouver. He is assigned to patrol Clark County, and his primary duties are public safety, traffic enforcement, collision investigation and criminal interdiction. Jeff started  his career with the Washington State Patrol in 2014 and some of his specialized assignments have included being a part of the Target Zero Team, acting as a Field Training Officer and being a part of the Aggressive Driving Apprehension Team.

In addition to all that he does as a trooper for the WSP, Jeff also continues to give back to his community. He has helped with the placement of American flags on the graves at Willamette National Cemetery for Memorial Day and Wreaths Across America for Christmas; assisted in fundraising efforts and other physical and logistical support for the youth wrestling club Askeo International Mat Club; provided under-privileged children and families with food and presents at Christmas with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office as a part of Santa’s Posse; acted as a foster family for puppies who will enter service dog training to be service dogs for veterans who suffer from PTSD with Northwest Battle Buddies; and has assisted veterans with home improvement projects that they are unable to do themselves through the Clark County Veterans Assistance Program.

In a letter of recommendation for Jeff from Washington State Patrol District 5 Commander and Captain Jason Linn, he wrote: “Jeff is passionate in making our community safer through his proactive efforts in removing more than 1,100 impaired drivers from our roadways since 2016. Year after year, nobody has made more impaired driving arrests than Jeff. These efforts have been recognized on an unprecedented level as Jeff was awarded the District 5 Trooper of the Year in 2019, 2020 and 2021. District 5 includes the counties of Clark, Cowlitz, Lewis, Skamania and Klickitat. No trooper in the history of the district has ever earned this award three years running, and this is a testament to both his commitment to public safety efforts as well as his level of community involvement.”

“It is a great honor and privilege to be a recipient of the Accomplished and Under 40 Class of 2022,” Jeff said. “This would not have been possible without the great leaders and teammates I have had the pleasure of working with during my military and law enforcement career. They set great examples of what it takes to be a hard worker, but more importantly, what it takes to be a positive member of our community. I am truly grateful for my wife and two sons who have been by my side and have supported me through many challenges and successes. To receive this award from the city I grew up in and now work in is truly an honor.”  

Joanna Yorke-Payne
Joanna Yorke is the managing editor of the Vancouver Business Journal. She has worked in the journalism field since 2010 after graduating from the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University in Pullman. Yorke worked at The Reflector Newspaper in Battle Ground for six years and then worked at and helped start


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