Digital Health Resource Guide now available

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Happy holidays everyone!

For many of us, the hustle and bustle began at the beginning of October and plummeted quickly past school conferences week and Halloween, gathering steam around Thanksgiving and will culminate at Christmas and Passover, mostly settling down with the dropping of the ball on New Year’s Eve. This whole season can create much disruption in our regular routine, a ton of sweetness, and so very much frenzy.

I have the perfect antidote! We just released online the Health Resource Guide, which is the most complete and up-to-date compilation of health care providers in the Clark County area. Within those pages, you’ll find nearly 1,000 clinics and practitioners in fields from acupuncture and assisted living to women’s health and yoga. And because we know it is a sometimes a challenge to meet your family’s needs on a budget, included is a comprehensive guide to free and low cost health services in Clark County.

Full disclosure, it takes me more time to edit the Health Resource Guide than any of the other publications we put out. Why? Because I find myself busy looking up the listings, poring over the practitioners and offerings, checking out pricing and appointment availability.

My favorite thing about the magazine is how many alternative practitioners we showcase. Did you know that people are more likely to feel ticklish during acupuncture during the holidays because of all the sugar we are eating? Try it out! Or get a massage to soothe tight muscles or a reiki session for worries and relaxation. Or you could see find a naturopath or nutritionist to keep those acupuncture giggles at bay in the first place.

So as the holiday comes around, browse through the Health Resource Guide to find just the right present — for you!

Jessica Swanson
Special Publications Editor