Corwin Beverage leaving beverage business

First Corwin delivery truck
Courtesy Corwin

Corwin Beverage Company, which started out as Pepsi Cola of Vancouver in 1941, announced today that it has decided to exit the highly competitive beverage distribution business. The non-alcohol division of Corwin Beverage Company will be acquired by its longtime partner PepsiCo. Concurrently, the company is actively exploring transition options regarding its craft beverage business through assignments to other distributors in accordance with its beverage distribution agreements. Local craft brewers distributed by Corwin owned Kendall’s Pioneer include Barrel Mountain Brewing, Fortside Brewing Company, Trap Door brewing and 54 40” Beer among others.

Corwin Beverage Company, headquartered in Ridgefield, has been a proud distributor of beverages, including craft beverage distribution through Kendall’s Pioneer and Browar Polska, for more than 81 years. During that time, the Corwin family has had the opportunity to work with many great people and actively engage with the community, which in turn helped Corwin develop and grow as a thriving business and contributor to the region.

Staff, supplier and partner notifications began this week. The transition process is expected to be complete on or before April 30, 2023.

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