Business Spotlight: Periwinkle’s Toy Shoppe

The Camas toy shoppe was designed to be an experience not just for children, but also adults that are kids at heart

Courtesy of Periwinkle's Toy Shoppe

Periwinkle’s Toy Shoppe, nestled in the heart of downtown Camas, is a family owned business that has been bringing smiles to Clark County since November 2021.

Dave and Heather Kesmodel created and designed the shop to be an experience for not just children, but also adults that are kids at heart. Upon entering, shoppers are greeted with a large Papier-mâché dragon figure, Periwinkle, which is the store’s mascot and character that’s mounted on the ceiling. All toys and products are specially selected by the owners with great care to cater to children of all ages. Whether it’s the newest toy release or old toys that strike nostalgia for older generations, the goal is to provide products that bigger box stores don’t offer – although there is some of that sprinkled in there, too.

“Being able to provide toys and specialty items that are integral to growth of minds and integral pieces of development is awesome,” Heather said. “Pictures and comments are often sent in to say, ‘thank you’ for brightening their child’s day or to explain what happened at Periwinkle’s that made a family’s day a little more special.”

Periwinkle’s recently expanded their shop to include the space right next door to them that became available in September. They remodeled the space to sync with the current shop, creating more product space and adding an area for kids to play with toys and ‘test’ them out. This bigger space will allow for continued growth, well into the future.

Courtesy of Periwinkle’s Toy Shoppe

“Truly we are so lucky that those that come in through our doors are in that mode of exploring for treasures and in a fun mode,” Heather said. “Thank you. We see you; we appreciate you and are grateful for you supporting small businesses, so that we can be here for you and provide an in-person experience to see, touch and offer a selection of special, curated toys, books and fun.”

As they continue to establish their business in the community, Heather and Dave leaned on a few employees to help during busy times and to assist with all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into getting a small business off the ground. The Kesmodels also share that it truly has been a family effort to get the business open and growing.

Courtesy of Periwinkle’s Toy Shoppe

“Both of our daughters have been learning about customer service, communicating with the public, using technology and exchanging money during the last year,” Heather said. “This has provided them life skills that they will hopefully take out into the world once they are blazing their own paths when older with their own careers. Family and friends like family is literally what has built Periwinkle’s to what it is today.”

Heather’s twin sister helps with social media management and is helping create the shop’s website. Their family members have also helped paint fixtures in the store, friends have helped label every product in the shop and their niece has stepped in to help during college breaks.

 “It has personally given me such joy you can’t imagine,” Dave said. “I have been fulfilled everyday going into the store and seeing all the young kids and their reaction when they see the dragon on the ceiling. Being a big kid at heart myself, I have finally found exactly what I should be doing in life. It is fun when work is play.”

Periwinkle’s Toy Shoppe is located at 326 NE Cedar St., in Camas.

Brooke Strickland
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