Business Spotlight: Dev’s Coffee Bar

Husband-and-wife duo are about to open their third location, and recently purchased Pied Piper Pizza

Courtesy of Dev's Coffee Bar

Founded in 2016, Dev’s Coffee Bar has become recognized for its handcrafted beverages, including their signature espresso and energy drinks, as well as their made-to-order breakfast bagels prepared on a real grill.

The company, which is owned and operated by Devyn and Austin Slagle, now has approximately 30 employees. Devyn said that after experiencing some health complications in 2019, Austin had to quit his job to take care of Devyn and their newborn son. It was at that time that they decided to pour all their efforts and energy into growing the coffee shop.

And so far, that has paid off.

Dev’s Coffee Bar is about to open their third location and just purchased Pied Piper Pizza, which is located next to their original Dev’s Orchards location.

“The owners have become family to us over the last five or six years,” Devyn said. “With both of them in their 70s and having tried to sell their business for several years, we really wanted to get them into retirement. Their lease was up in May, and they had no intentions to re-sign anything, so the business would have been closing. We decided to purchase and keep it up and running. We’ve done an interior overhaul and updated the menu while still offering their original pizzas, and we are avidly working to get our liquor license to offer craft cocktails.”

Courtesy of Dev’s Coffee Bar

When the pandemic began, Devyn and Austin got creative and started marketing their bagel options more.

“With drive thru being the only way for consumers to grab a quick bite to eat, we really tried to capitalize on new customers still looking for convenience,” Devyn said. “In addition, we really pride ourselves on being ‘delusionally optimistic’ and in a time when there was so much negativity circulating. We think this really served us well trying to keep the community engaged and connected with positivity.”

Dev’s Coffee Bar will open their third location in Battle Ground – in the building that was previously Hidden River Roasters and, before that, Old Town Battle Grounds – on Aug. 6.

Brooke Strickland
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