Vuezz: Picture perfect

Rand Schiltz, owner of Rand Jeweler

The Vuezz (sounds like “views”) system allows users to upload their own photos, either from personal computer memory, or with direct access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest photo collections. They can then drag-and-drop to experiment with different layouts, seeing exactly how their collage will look without ever paying a dime.

The final prints are 12 inches square, printed on glossy, matt or canvas, and linked together with a patent-pending, easy to use clip system, forming large, lightweight, mosaic-type photo collages that are very easy to hang or rearrange later. The largest order available is 12 sections, retailing at $189.95 for matt or glossy finish.

“We even include the foam No-Mar hanging system that doesn’t damage walls at all,” Jensen said. “Not even a hole.”

“There is just nothing else like it on the market,” added Jackson. “[Our product is] so much lighter and easier than glass frames. It’s so much more dynamic than large, separate frames, and much more economical than canvas wraps.”

Vuezz has successfully partnered with professional photographers, wedding planners, funeral arrangers and decorators, creating a quick, vast business-to-business customer base.

“Our customers are falling into a few basic categories,” Jensen explained. “Private users creating for themselves, professional accounts for photographers who want to display their high quality images, corporate accounts for product photos, and large commercial accounts such as photo studios offering our products to their customers.”

Jackson’s previous businesses dealt in part with video and computer animations of complex equipment, and he has created a partially animated video on YouTube to quickly demonstrate the Vuezz system to potential customers, titled “What is Vuezz?”

With an emphasis on ‘keeping it local,’ Vuezz staff do all of the printing and assembly onsite, with their own spectrometer for color analysis to ensure highest quality.

“Our frames are made in Beaverton, our clips made in Portland, our printing done here. Everything is American made,” said Jensen, “and we are really proud of the eco-friendly qualities of all of our products.”

Jensen said that for him, the best part of coming to work is peeking into customer’s lives through their cherished photos.

“Our walls tell our best stories,” added Jackson. “This system lets the story evolve easily and cost-effectively through time.”

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