G6 Airpark: Business with a bounce

Cobalt Designworks owners Jennifer Corio and Dave Frei

If you have children that are constantly bouncing off the walls, you might try taking them to a place where that sort of behavior is actually encouraged.

G6 Airpark owner Wesley Dameron (third from right) with five of his employees.
G6 Airpark owner Wesley Dameron (third from right) with five of his employees. Photo: Nicholas Shannon Kulmac
An employee jumps on a tampoline at G6 Airpark
Photo: Nicholas Shannon Kulmac
In November 2011, Wesley Dameron and his wife opened G6 Airpark, an indoor trampoline park located at 2200 Northeast Andresen Road in Vancouver. The park features more than 12,000 square feet of wall-to-wall trampolines, complete with a giant foam pit, retro arcade and a café. 

“My wife and I wanted to do something that was a fun project where we could be involved in the community and in kids’ lives,” said Dameron. “We wanted to offer a place out from the rain where you have an opportunity to be active.”

Dameron started scouting potential locations for G6 last spring, in search of a space with high ceilings, ample parking and a lot of room.

Employee at G6 Airpark
Photo: Nicholas Shannon Kulmac
“We found this (location) and it was great because it’s central Vancouver, we’re on Andresen and we’re just south of SR-500,” said Dameron. “We can draw all the way from Salmon Creek-Felida and Camas-Washougal just the same. And believe it or not we have a lot of people crossing the bridge from Portland.

“I wish I could say we chose this location because of how smart I am, but it really just fell into our laps and it happens to be a great place,” he added.

In an effort to make the park busier and more of an attraction for the entire family, G6 offers Zumba fitness classes and a trampoline workout session called air-robics. Both classes are taught by a local instructor.

“We allow children to jump (on the trampolines) under our supervision while the parents get their fitness and recreation in,” said Dameron. “It’s a fun way to exercise and burn calories at a very quick rate as opposed to getting on the treadmill or running out in the rain.” 

Operating an indoor trampoline park doesn’t come without its challenges. Dameron said it took him a long time to find someone that would carry his business’s insurance policies, despite the fact that the trampolines at G6 are well-padded and closely monitored by his staff.

G6 Airpark trampolines
Photo: Nicholas Shannon Kulmac
Another challenge, according to Dameron, is capacity.

“On the weekends and on holidays we can already pack this place out,” he said. “One of our downfalls is we’re not large enough and we have had to send people away. It’s disappointing from a business point of view… but at the same time it’s nice to have that demand.”

Dameron, who is originally from the southern part of the United States, said he’s happy to bring a unique, family-focused business to Vancouver – a business that really has no
age limit.

“If you can walk you can bounce, is what we say. We have two-year-olds all the way up to grandparents, jumping with their grandchildren. That’s what makes this business so fun,” he said. “It can encompass all ages and it gets you out of the house doing something active with family or friends. It has really been a fun business for my wife and me to work on.”

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