A Helping Hand Global aims for international impact

Organization distributes feminine ‘care kits’ to women in need

Helping Hand Global
Courtesy of Helping Hand Global

A Helping Hand Global is a Vancouver-based international women’s nonprofit organization that is already making a lasting impact in its short lifespan. The organization distributes feminine “care kits” in small rectangular boxes to women in need both national and internationally. The kits consist of pain relievers, tampons, pads, feminine wipes and sanitizing wipes.

The idea

A Helping Hand Global was started by Grace Garfield in January of this year and, in June, it was officially named a nonprofit. However, the idea had been in formation for a while.

“Growing up I noticed that there was never any reference or slightest mention of women on their period,” Garfield said. “Even in TV news channels, if there was a natural disaster they advertised they needed water, cans of food and blankets usually. I often wondered ‘what if you were on your period?’”

“Fast forward to 2016, when my parents and little sister went to help during the Louisiana Flood. I thought, what if I could fit some tampons in a small tin can and send them? The idea grew from there and here we are. I started this initial project in January mostly as a hobby and side project. It started gaining crazy momentum. I have an occasional friend or two that helps but I do all of the work. I am expanding my board of directors and financial committee, so we are growing that aspect.”

Challenges and current projects

Garfield won awards through the business club DECA in her high school career at Camas High School, but working in the business field has always felt like second nature to her. In addition to finding time to grow the nonprofit and work an additional full-time job, bringing attention to a topic that not many people really think about has been one of Garfield’s greatest challenges.

The first shipment of care kits was sent to Must Ministries in memory of Garfield’s grandmother. Now, A Helping Hand Global is currently in the process of sending kits to women and girls in Guatemala through the nonprofit called Mayan Families. In addition, Garfield is working to send care kits to shelters in the Houston area that are serving people who have experienced loss from the recent hurricane.

“I am an imperfect person in an imperfect world,” Garfield said. “I often question what our place is in this world, as humans, as people, as friends and family. I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re here to learn and here to love. What better way to show someone you love by serving them?”

In the future, Garfield hopes to expand her organization to provide medical care kits and personal safety classes.

“I am taking action,” she said. “I have a huge heart and passion for serving and helping people. I do this for that one woman, that one girl, who is uncomfortable and pushed away because of the taboo around the menstrual cycle. The difference about this nonprofit is that it’s all personal.”

To learn more about A Helping Hand Global or to find out how you can help, visit https://www.ahelpinghandglobal.com/.

Brooke Strickland
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