Vault 31

People playing games at Vault 31
Courtesy of Vault 31

Vault 31, which touts itself as Vancouver’s premier video game and ‘geek’ culture bar, was opened in March 2019 by David Kaulitz and Chrissy Done. Vault 31 specializes in craft cocktails and house-made pizza and offers a huge selection of consoles, board games, and video games to play while customers eat and drink. The menu is ‘geek’ themed, and they also offer eSports and twitch streams to watch. Vault 31 also regularly hosts tournaments and contents, art and craft days, and both trivia and theme-nights.

“Even just walking in is unique, if you are a kid of the 80s or 90s.,” said Kaulitz. “I can almost guarantee we have some kind of nostalgic decor that will make you happy.”

People playing games at Vault 31
Courtesy of Vault 31

Kaulitz shared that the pandemic wreaked havoc on his business, and while things are on the upswing, the fallout from the last few years has impacted his metrics even now.

“We have basically ‘started over’ several different times, due to tightening and loosing restrictions during the pandemic, he said. “The brutal truth is the damage done to bars, restaurants and the people in the service industry is still a huge part of daily life. I feel pretty happy with how we handled and are still handling things…we have made our space as safe as possible for my staff and our patrons. But it’s still something I have to think about and manage every day.”
Despite that struggle, Vault 31 is forging ahead and is excited about what the future holds. They recently revamped their menu for 2023, and added cocktails and food items that were popular specials last year. They are also looking forward to welcoming new customers and increasing awareness of their unique location, by hosting a variety of events, such as a monthly mini figure paint night, a League of Legends LAN party, and a sticker bomb night.

Vault 31 is located at 316 SE 123rd Ave. in Vancouver.

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