Success with buyers, sellers is a team effort at Cano Real Estate

Agent Kelly Winn credits his success to his fellow team members, support from his county office

Garrett and Becca Olmstead with Cano Real Estate agent Kelly Winn
Garrett and Becca Olmstead, owners of The Locksmythe Salon in downtown Vancouver, are shown here in front of their new home that they recently purchased, thanks to the help of Cano Real Estate agent Kelly Winn (right). Courtesy of Ryanne Pitts

“Team” is a word that Owner and Founder of Cano Real Estate Nathan Cano takes very seriously. In fact, it’s the theme that he has chosen for his business.

“We are fortunate to have the incredible team we have,’’ Cano said. “Each person brings value to our team. I am grateful for what we have and what we are building.’’

Cano and fellow real estate agent Kelly Winn worked together for another agency in Clark County before Cano ventured out on his own to form Cano Real Estate. Winn followed along shortly after Cano established the business in 2003.

“Hire an agent, get a team,’’ said Cano, reciting his company’s motto. “It’s all about a level of service. We have the advantage that we have other team members who can step up when the situation dictates. For example, if a client says ‘we need to see this home at 6 o’clock tonight,’ it’s not an option to miss an opportunity in this competitive market. If their agent isn’t available, we make sure another member of our team is. It’s a matter of us working together to provide the best level of service to the customer possible.’’

“Just seeing the level of success that he (Cano) had in real estate sales and in establishing relationships in the industry, he seemed like the right person to follow,’’ said Winn, whose success over the past 15 years is proof that he made the right decision.

An important factor in the success of the team members at Cano Real Estate is the support staff that Cano makes sure is in place. 

“We have the expertise, tools, marketing budget and other resources that can bring more exposure to listings and provide the support that our agents need to be successful and more efficient with their time,’’ Cano said.

An example of the support that Cano provides his agents is team members Jenny Valencia, the marketing director for Cano Real Estate, and Ryanne Pitts, the media marketing assistant and photographer. The work done and support provided by Valencia and Pitts allows the agents to spend more time with their clients.

“That’s part of what I love about being on the team,’’ said Winn. “It allows me to focus on client relationships and sales. That’s why we have the team and the staff that we have. Everybody kind of has their role. We function as a team really well. I’m focused day in and day out on meeting with clients, whether it’s listing or showing properties, pricing properties the correct way that’s going to get them sold and just the sales side of it. Everybody has their individual role and being really good at that and what they do is what makes us function so well as a team.’’

Not only are Cano Real Estate team members offered all of the support they need to do their jobs successfully, they’re also provided the best, up-to-date training offered in the industry.

The keys to the agent-client relationship

Winn’s experience and training in the industry has led him to a few basic, yet critical, philosophies when it comes to having a successful relationship with his clients.

“I find that it’s communication,’’ Winn said. “I mean, a lot of things that happen in the real estate industry are out of our control. But, you know, keeping in constant contact, keeping people completely up to date with where we’re at in the process is vital. I would say that nowadays, between email, phone calls and text messages, there is a minimum of probably four touches per client per day. They often have some kind of request, as small as it could be, but it’s still something that I need to make a phone call, find out or do a little bit of research on, and then get back to them. So, I would say that communication is the key.’’
Winn said the agent-client relationship can obviously be very rewarding when a positive outcome is reached.

“What they’re looking for is their home,’’ he said. “It’s the place they’re going to live in, that they’re going to go home to every day. It’s where they’re going to live and where they’re going to retire. So, yes, it’s a big deal and I take a lot of pride in my part in that.

“It’s a great feeling meeting someone at their house, shaking their hand and giving them their keys, or following up with them after they sign their seller docs and the deal closes,’’ Winn said. “Then, it’s on to the next adventure.’’

Cano Real Estate’s Vancouver office is located at 415 E. Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver. The team can be reached at 360-823-3333.

Ken Vance is the editor at, and this article first appeared on the Clark County Today website.