LSW Architects: Changing lives through innovative design

Vancouver-based architectural firm has added one employee every two months for the past two years

Design CoMission
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LSW Architects has been rooted in Clark County history for the last 60 years, when it was first launched in Vancouver in 1955. Since then, the company has built a strong reputation around Southwest Washington by providing innovative architectural services for public, private and nonprofit organizations.

Casey Wyckoff, who has been with the company for the last 20 years and has served as the company’s president for the last five years shares, “The DNA that makes LSW unique and sets us apart from other architectural firms can really be summarized in two words: change lives.” He goes on to explain that all facets of their company are built upon their strong core values and beliefs.

“Every aspect of the company from how we’re organized, the virtues of our team members, how we select clients, the passion that drives our architectural creativity, and our focus on the client experience is informed by those values and beliefs.”

Because of that, Wyckoff said, the firm can connect the unique talents and abilities of each team member with innovative design and architecture that will impact people’s lives around Clark County and ultimately, the world.

Life-changing ventures

Four years ago, LSW Architects started Design CoMission, a high school internship program that offers an intense, hands-on experience for up to 24 students a year, where they earn school credit for 90 hours of internship. The program is already making a big impact in Southwest Washington schools and in the future, the company wants to expand to serve K-8 students as well as graduate level students interested in pursuing careers in architecture. In addition, LSW Architect team members are active volunteers at places like FISH and they are also involved in humanitarian pro-bono work around the world, primarily in various countries in Africa.

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Courtesy of Variable Visuals

The company also believes that life-change starts by treating their employees well and creating a work culture that’s founded on respect and authenticity. To help achieve this atmosphere, they have committed to providing a healthy workplace. Team members are encouraged to engage in fitness and live a healthy lifestyle and they’re also encouraged to take vacation time on a regular basis.

What the future looks like

LSW Architects doesn’t focus on pursuing projects as much as they pursue long-term relationships that will better serve the community as a whole. In the last two years, the company has grown at a rapid pace, adding one team member every two months. To date, there are 34 team members.

“The pace of growth allows us to maintain both the quality of the experience we provide our clients and reinforce the internal team culture we value,” said Wyckoff. “As we have grown, we’ve gained new capabilities and areas of expertise.”

Wyckoff believes that the practice of architecture is approaching a tipping point in regards to technological innovation, increasing regulations that come by large, national companies and architectural firms, and licensure.

“Conversely, our community is growing and becoming clearer about what makes it unique,” he said. “We have an increasing value for authenticity, service and value. For LSW Architects, we’re ideally situated for continued growth and the opportunity to provide these values to the community.”

LSW Architects
610 Esther St., Suite 200 Vancouver
Founded 1955
35 employees



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