Immersive Media: Innovation in the third dimension

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tennisTom McGovern said that basing U.S. operations in Clark County was a no-brainer.

“Taxes have an impact, commuting has an impact, but it was as much about the ease of business in general,” he said. “The folks at the Columbia River Economic Development Council (CREDC) are just leaps and bounds ahead of Portland. In Vancouver you can have a small-town feel with a big-city talent pool. We’ve been able to collaborate with Intel. We have access to the airport.”

McGovern plans to grow the company in Vancouver, too. An acquisition that’s currently under way, plus other hiring plans, could boost local staffing levels from five people to 15. McGovern said he can’t comment on details of the acquisition until it is complete.

The company is planning a boost in sales efforts to the three major niches it serves with its 3-D video technology:

Marketing – videos can be used to create an immersive experience across multiple kinds of screens.

Mapping – Google Street View presents a still frame-by-frame experience of the environment, but Immersive Media’s technology can be much more fluid and interactive.

Monitoring – military and first-responders, as well as researchers, can use 3-D video to get a complete live view of 
a situation.

Intellectual property is also key to the future, McGovern said. Immersive Media is interested in both developing and acquiring patents, and is looking to partner with small-scale innovators by exchanging equity in the business for intellectual property rights.

McGovern said it’s a balancing act to develop solid plans for the future while staying open to changes in technology or markets. Recent history suggests the business has struck that balance well: Revenues have doubled each year since the company went private in 2010, he said, though he declined to provide specific figures.

Immersive Media
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