Fresh Nest Cleaning aims to make homes, businesses sparkle

Brianna Holzer’s renamed and rebranded cleaning company has recently been registered as an LLC

Briana Holzer

For the folks at Fresh Nest Cleaning, cleaning a home, industrial building or commercial space is more than just a job. It’s part of establishing an overall relationship with each client while fostering positive rapport and loyalty.

When Brianna Holzer, founder and CEO of the company, initially opened the business as Steven’s Cleaning Service as a sole proprietorship nearly seven years ago, she worked hard to create a solid base of clients through relationships. Earlier this year, Holzer decided to make the leap to register as a limited liability company (LLC), rename and rebrand the business. Today, Fresh Nest Cleaning offers routine cleaning services for commercial, industrial and residential customers, in addition to providing move-in or move-out cleans.

Holzer explains that her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for her business dates back to when she was in her teens.

“For me, it all started when I was a teenager,” she said. “I noticed I liked everything ‘just so’ – I even ironed my sheets after each wash. Eventually, I moved into working at a hotel and after getting positive reviews after cleaning rooms well, it made me so happy and driven.”

After starting a family, Holzer started to look for ways to earn extra income and the business was born. Now, she has a few employees that work with her on a regular basis.

“We went from a sole proprietor to an LLC because our business was growing and I felt ‘capped’ out when cleaning homes on my own,” Holzer said. “I had contemplated for years expanding, but fear often gets in the way of our dreams. Finally, I decided it was time to take the leap and I couldn’t be more excited. Since we have expanded into an LLC our company has grown exponentially in the last two months, purely from referrals. Changing our business to an LLC will ensure more safety for our customers and help keep me accountable to get where I see the business going.”

Holzer said that the greatest challenge she has as a small business owner is the industry she’s a part of.

“We’re a luxury industry,” she said. “Someone loses their job, or the economy drops, we likely lose clients. This is why it’s important for us to remain in a competitive price range and have good relationships with customers.”

But, with the recent upswing in the economy, she is excited about what opportunities are available for Fresh Nest Cleaning. Holzer believes a strong economy brings benefits that are twofold – people are working more and have less energy to devote to house cleaning and home maintenance, and they are better able to afford more luxury things like hiring a regular cleaner.

As far as her commercial and industrial client growth goes, Holzer is optimistic about securing more of these types of jobs.

“Having a cleaning service for your commercial office increases productivity in your employees because they are in a cleaner, less cluttered environment,” she said. “I have seen many times with smaller businesses that the employees are cleaning up to save on the cost of janitorial services. However, research has shown that the company is paying more for the employees to stay later to clean.”

With the focus on client relationships and outstanding service, Holzer believes the future of Fresh Nest Cleaning is bright. Right now, the company is run out of her home, but she expects the business to continue to grow organically and her goal is to move business operations into an office building within the next couple of years.

“We are constantly striving to go above and beyond what our clients expect and ask of our services, and we hold true to that,” Holzer said. “We are ensuring we don’t lose track of what we love most – a clean environment and happy customers.”

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