Confront Your Fears: Business with a BOO!

Cobalt Designworks owners Jennifer Corio and Dave Frei

Confront Your Fears co-owner Brian MudgettConfront Your Fears spiderConfront Your Fears make-up application

Approximately 100 people help the Mudgetts put on their Halloween show – that includes builders, designers, makeup artists and actors.

“It’s not just about the theme when you’re constructing a haunted house. It’s about making sure you’re orchestrating every single scare perfectly right,” noted Brian. “When we draw up the floor plan, we have to measure the amount of time it takes a person to get from point A to point B. We have to time the animatronics scares and special effects so that everyone gets the perfect show.

“The experience is the most important thing,” he added.

Confront Your Fears kicked off its 2012 season on September 28. Thus far, Brian said, attendance hasn’t been as heavy as he had hoped. However, he said it has been comparable to last year.

“Right now I think just because of elections and the economy people are pretty conservative about their money,” he said. “We were expecting a little more as far as attendance, but we’re still doing fine and going to be able to move forward after this year.”

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