Business Growth Awards: Webfor

Company name: Webfor

BGA category: Fastest Growing Business, 10+ years

Webfor, a full-service creative and digital marketing agency with a people-centric culture, experienced a 13.41% increase in revenue in the last year. The 19-person team at the company has made it their goal to prioritize the growth, satisfaction, and work-life balance of their employees, and this has translated directly to the results for the clients they work with.

Webfor’s founder and CEO Kevin Getch shares, “I attribute the increase in revenue primarily to our focus on helping our current customers grow. At Webfor, we strongly believe that when our customers succeed, we succeed. The emphasis on nurturing and expanding our existing customer base has been a key driver of our revenue increase. Additionally, client referrals have played a significant role in our business growth.

Looking at the future, Getch is expecting to achieve new records in 2024. They are closely navigating market conditions and are helping their clients leverage technology advancements, such as artificial intelligence (AI). He said that the company has also implemented ownership programs that allow team members to share in the benefits of Webfor’s success.

“We are constantly exploring innovative approaches and staying ahead of emerging trends in the digital marketing landscape, Getch explained. “Our focus remains on providing cutting-edge services that empower our clients to adapt to evolving market dynamics and leverage new opportunities.”

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