Best in Business profile: Blackbird Accounting

Blackbird Accounting founders
Blackbird Accounting was founded in 2020 by Colleen DeGroat (right) and Angel McKee (left). Photo courtesy Blackbird Accounting

Blackbird Accounting PLLC is a first-time winner this year in the Vancouver Business Journal’s Best in Business 2023 in the Accounting Firm category. Founded in 2020 by Colleen DeGroat and Angel McKee, the business was started after the duo recognized the need for quality accounting and tax services in the Vancouver area. McKee said they established Blackbird Accounting with a vision to serve the community with compassion and creativity.

“Starting in our homes amid the challenges of the pandemic, the company quickly expanded and moved to the Padden Business Park,” McKee said.

The company is set to move to a larger space within the Padden Business Park in January, in order to accommodate a team of 13 employees during the upcoming tax season. McKee said the company offers a range of services, including tax preparation, full-service bookkeeping, and CFO services for both businesses and individuals.

“Since starting the business, Blackbird Accounting has experienced remarkable growth that has far exceeded our initial expectations,” McKee said. “Over the past three years, we consistently set growth targets and are pleasantly surprised to not only meet but surpass these goals. The local business community has played a significant role in our success, providing unwavering support that has contributed to the expansion of our services.”

Blackbird Accounting staff
In January, Blackbird Accounting is set to move to a larger space within the Padden Business Park, in order to accommodate a team of 13 employees during the upcoming tax season. Photo courtesy Blackbird Accounting

McKee said the company’s clients have also been instrumental in their growth, with many satisfied clients referring our services to other businesses, friends and family. She said this word-of-mouth marketing has not only helped them acquire new customers but has also reinforced their commitment to providing quality accounting and tax services to the community.

One of the accounting industry’s primary challenges that McKee said they face is cultivating a quality team. With experienced CPAs entering retirement and a limited influx of new professionals to replace them, she said the industry has a talent gap. However, she said the competitive job market motivates them to elevate their recruitment and retention strategies, transforming the pursuit of talent into a strategic endeavor.

“Rather than viewing it as a hurdle, we embrace the challenge of assembling an exceptional team that aligns with our commitment to excellence,” McKee said. “Also, the ever-evolving tax landscape serves as an opportunity for us to showcase our expertise. Staying aware of changing tax regulations is not merely a responsibility but a source of professional passion. We enjoy sharing and teaching valuable insights to our team and clients.”

A characteristic of Blackbird Accounting that McKee said sets the company apart from other accounting businesses in the Clark County area is their unwavering commitment to communication. She said they prioritize transparent and straightforward dialogue with their clients, opting for plain language over complex tax terminology. Their distinctive approach is rooted in genuine care for their clients, and McKee said they diligently work to assist them in navigating their accounting and tax challenges.

“Our genuine satisfaction comes from managing our clients’ bookkeeping and tax requirements, offering us the chance to provide consistent oversight throughout the year, preventing any unexpected surprises,” she said. “We take pride in our reasonable pricing structure, ensuring that our services are accessible without compromising the quality of our expertise. At Blackbird Accounting, it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about building lasting relationships based on trust, effective communication, and reliable, affordable service.”

Joanna Yorke-Payne
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