The Beautiful Pig: Beautifully artisan

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The Beautiful Pig’s first sales partnership was with Longview-based Hop-N-Grape, a home brew supply store and barbecue restaurant that Leach called “a natural fit” for his products. Since that initial relationship was formed, sales partnerships have grown. You can now find products from The Beautiful Pig at small retailers from Portland to Olympia.

“My outlet in Vancouver is Neighbor’s Market on Main Street, but we are looking to expand into more locations in Portland, Vancouver and beyond,” said Leach. “We are just getting the product into some of the natural food co-op stores up in Olympia. I just came out with my first no nitrate added product and that is going to be hitting the co-ops up in Olympia first.”

In true Northwest style, Leach takes pride in the fact that his meat comes from local sources. He uses Carlton Farms pork from Carlton, Oregon, which is sustainably raised and is hormone and antibiotic free. For beef, Leach sources from Painted Hills Beef in Fossil, Oregon, where the animals are naturally raised and are also hormone and antibiotic free.

Leach said that the market statistics on sales of specialty foods have steadily climbed over the years as more and more people seek foods that are artisanal. And, of course, he said freshness is always a big concern, especially in the Northwest.

“With the way the food movement has been going for years, now is the time to be able to provide a local product that is locally grown and locally produced,” he said.

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