ARCpoint Labs: A business model worth testing

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It helps that ARCpoint Vancouver, in addition to being thorough in its overall testing process, offers testing of just about every single kind. Among the tests that can be ordered at ARCpoint are:

  • Drug & alcohol
  • DNA
  • Steroids
  • Background checks
  • Pregnancy
  • STDs
  • Cholesterol and glucose
  • Allergies

A testAdditionally, the company specializes in “consultation to businesses, schools, government agencies, judicial environments, and private citizens,” according to its official website.

Still, as with any small business, there are challenges to the company’s future growth, even as it is rapidly expanding.

“Drug screening continues to be discretionary for businesses; it’s not required,” Johnson explained. “A lot of companies don’t want to spend the money for a drug testing program.”

One aspect of the industry that Johnson referenced was Initiative 502, which legalized recreational amounts of marijuana. Johnson said ARCpoint has experienced several misunderstandings regarding the language and enforcement of the law, as it pertains to company drug testing.

“Initiative 502 has been very confusing for employers and employees alike,” he said. “The initiative allows for people 21 and over to possess marijuana, but not to use it at work. As an employee, you aren’t allowed to use it on the job. We’re encouraging employers not to change their policies regarding it. That’s not what the initiative allows for. We want to avoid misunderstandings that may arise from it.”

When it comes to expanding its client base, ARCpoint primarily relies on word-of-mouth. Having steadily grown in Vancouver since 2007, Johnson said the company now hopes to develop a customer base in the Beaverton area by installing a new facility in that region.

“We like being so close to Portland, while maintaining the small-town feel of Vancouver,” he said. “The area is very nice in general. It’s just a unique spot to be in, in the middle of all the commerce with all the ports.”

In terms of employment, Johnson said, “We just added someone, so we’re up to four full-timers. We’ve been gaining more and more employees each month, although we think we’re in a good spot right now with our staff.

“We’ve been growing at about 30 percent each month,” he added. “Business is steady and growing, but we’re like any other small business right now. We’re going to have to see where the clients take us.”

With ARCpoint offering such amenities as free consultations, same-day results, testing for a wide variety of substances and convenient availability, the company is confident that its growth will continue into the future.

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