Alder Creek Vet Clinic: Call of the wild

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The result is impressive, boasting a sleek design, wood accents and plenty of space for multiple exam, procedure and surgery rooms. There is also a second-story loft with offices, a cat playroom and even a small apartment in case vets or staff members need to stay overnight.

Alder Creek Veterinary Clinic lobby“What we aim for is to keep that sort of hometown feel even though we’re expanding into multiple doctors,” said Haggerty. The clinic currently has four veterinarians as part of a 25-member staff.

“I like when people come in and tell me it doesn’t smell like a vet clinic,” she remarked. “We pride ourselves on having the place be clean.”

The clinic isn’t all show, and they have the chops to back it up.

“We’re kind of on the cutting edge of everything new,” Gaines explained. “We do laser treatments, we do acupuncture treatments, we do stem-cell treatments, we do breeding. And [Haggerty] does a lot of the surgeries that a lot of places just don’t do, because, well, she’s good…”

Mainly used for arthritis and wound healing, laser therapy is a noninvasive procedure that uses light as a low-energy source to stimulate cell and tissue regeneration, increase blood circulation, reduce swelling and decrease pain.

“It’s been really, really helpful for back pain, spinal injuries and arthritis,” said Haggerty.

“It’s a miracle thing,” added Gaines. “We’ve seen dogs that can’t walk and, after one or two treatments, they get up and walk.”

One of Alder Creek’s veterinarians is also certified in acupuncture. Haggerty clarified that while the clinic mostly practices western medicine, they also like to bring in alternative methods that have proven to be beneficial for improving the health of aging pets.

Another such treatment that is helpful for arthritis and join pain is stem-cell therapy, which delivers stem cells derived from the pet’s own fat to the damaged area in order to stimulate regeneration and tissue repair.

Additionally, the practice participates in a range of reproduction services, including artificial insemination and puppy management.

Haggerty has achieved a lot over the past 13-plus years at her practice, and has no immediate plans for further expansion outside of Alder Creek Veterinary Clinic.

“Your choice is this: you do all business, you’ll never get to just do pet care. And I still am interested in doing pet care,” said Haggerty. “I was just one of those kids who always wanted to be a veterinarian.”

As Sing Sing can attest, it seems Haggerty has found her true calling.

Alder Creek 
Veterinary Clinic

209 SE 1st St., Battle Ground

Founded: 2000

Employees: 25

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