2023 Fastest Growing Business 10+ Years Winner

Company Name: City Ranked
Business Growth Award Category:
Fastest Growing Business 10+ Years

City Ranked has experienced major growth over the past few years. Although the company was negatively impacted by the COVID pandemic and realized only a 3% profit margin in 2020, it managed to retain all employee positions and has made a full recovery with remarkable growth seen from 2021 to 2022 allowing City Ranked to thrive and support the local economy.

In 2022, City Ranked achieved revenue growth of 29% with a remarkable 23% profit margin resulting in an increase of net profit year over year of 12%. The agency’s commitment to the community is evident in the creation of 15 new full-time employee positions, as well as adding 5 local contractor positions supporting the Vancouver, WA economy, as well as expanding into a 15,000 square foot office located in Columbia Tech Center while adding offices in Canada Puerto Rico and the UK.

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