VANtalks 2023… Passion & Purpose

VANtalks, a local version of the international TED Talk phenomenon, will host its sixth annual VANtalks event on Thursday, May 25th at Kiggins Theatre (1011 Main St, Vancouver).

“We invite all of the entrepreneurs, creatives, innovators, and local change agents to VANtalks 2023 Passion & Purpose! This impactful event will feature seven local changemakers who will challenge and inspire you and our community to discover what living a life full of passion and purpose is all about.” said Kevin Hiebert, VANtalks founder.

This year’s lineup includes:
Anjela Glueckert: Trauma-Informed Survivor & Inspirational Speaker
The Little Coochie Snorcher that IS: ME & My Trauma RePurposed

Delena Meyer: CEO of Deviant Compassion and Emerging Author
The Wisdom and Worthiness of Messy Resilience

Leslie Harter-Berg: Video Producer + Writer
Surviving > Thriving

Pamela Sue Johnson: Artist
From Passion to Purpose: How a Factory Job Crushed Me to Life

Paul Warner: Jedi Teacher and Librarian
Nerd Passion, Heroic Purpose: Discovering Your Hero’s Journey

Rahim A. Abbasi, PE: Entrepreneur, Designer and Placemaker
House-Trained Nomad: How a life spent in journey can be harnessed locally for creating unique spaces.

Taireez Niswander: Boundless Visionary
How a Boundless Visionary Breaks Down Borders and Empowers Travelers

Tickets to the 2023 VANtalks: Passion & Purpose event are $19 in advance and $26 at the door. Purchase your tickets at

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