Updated fee schedule will reduce several Clark County fees

A new fee schedule for Community Development applications took effect this month based on recent actions by the Board of County Commissioners.

To update the fees, the board had called for more precise tracking of staff time and other resources used to review projects, issue permits and ensure public safety. The result, according to the county, is a fee schedule that more closely reflects the cost of each service.

“We are working harder and smarter to avoid making it more difficult or expensive to do business in Clark County,” said Community Development Director Marty Snell in a press release. “In addition, we’re paying close attention to costs faced by property owners with tight budgets for improvements and maintenance.”

Clark Public Health also made adjustments to its fee schedule, resulting in a number of reduced fees for things like food safety inspections at fixed location restaurants.

“We have been working to refine our fees for several years in response to statewide challenges in public health, the downturn in the economy and the preferences of local policymakers,” said Marni Storey, deputy director of Public Health, in a press release. “This year’s analysis, discussion and board approval is a critical part of our plan to operate through 2012.”

While many fees have been reduced, the county noted that some fees may increase, in keeping with an ongoing effort to track and recover costs for services that benefit specific organizations or individuals.