The Police Activities League (PAL) of Southwest Washington recently announced that it has been awarded a significant grant totaling $162,935 from the Department of Justice. This funding, which is administered by the Community Safety Unit within the Washington State Department of Commerce, stands as a testament to PAL’s commitment to fostering positive relationships between youth and law enforcement in Southwest Washington.

This grant will allow the organization to deepen its impact within the community. The awarded funds will be invested in a comprehensive strategic planning process to better align PAL’s initiatives with the needs and priorities of the communities it serves. With a particular focus on youth engagement, PAL will collaborate with key stakeholders, including local law enforcement agencies, school districts, and community members, to identify effective strategies that promote positive interactions between law enforcement officers and youth.

“It’s an exciting time for PAL,” said Jeffrey Tennant, Board President at PAL of Southwest Washington. “This funding enables us to ensure that our programs continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young people. We believe that strong law enforcement and youth engagement is a cornerstone of a safe and thriving community.”

Further, the grant supports PAL in providing technical assistance to local law enforcement agencies. By sharing best practices and offering guidance, PAL aims to help these agencies strengthen their youth engagement activities. The goal is to build and sustain an environment where law enforcement and youth in the community can interact in positive and constructive ways.

“We are profoundly grateful for the Department of Justice’s support and the recognition of our efforts by the Washington State Department of Commerce,” said Jesse Jimenez, Executive Director of PAL Southwest Washington. “With this funding, we are poised to make a lasting impact and contribute to a brighter, safer future for our region.”

About PAL of Southwest Washington: The Police Activities League of Southwest Washington is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting positive relationships between law enforcement officers and youth through a broad range of educational programs and recreational opportunities.

For more information about PAL of Southwest Washington and its programs, please visit:

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