Funeral home director expands business in new directions

Nick and Amy Brown recently announced the opening of Eco Pet Cremations, an environmentally friendly pet crematory business. Nick is a third generation licensed funeral home director and certified pet crematory operator through the Cremation Association of North America – his grandfather owned Brown’s Funeral Home in Camas, which is still operated by his family.

The couple sees a growing demand for caring, professional and low-cost pet cremation services. Nick expressed his desire to bring dignified care to the profession.

“People love their pets as members of the family,” he said. “I’m bringing the skill and compassion I’ve developed as a licensed funeral home director to the pet cremation business.”

Keeping up with technology is also one of the Browns’ trademarks. Whereas most crematories still use old flame crematories, Eco Pet Cremations will use a water-based process called aquamation.

“I really think aquamation is the future of the business,” Amy said. “This process is gentler on the pet, has zero environmental emissions and is less expensive to operate.”

Located downtown Vancouver, they are proud to be the first and only business to offer aquamation services in the greater Portland metro area.

A proud sponsor of DOGPAW (provider of dog parks in Clark County), they will cater to vet clinics and will also be able to provide quick service directly to family pet owners. Using Eco Pet Cremations can help veterinarians reduce their carbon emission footprint on the end-of-life side of their business.



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