Salmon Creek Outfitters opens Uptown Village store

Salmon Creek Outfitters has been in business for eight years, but only this month did owners Randy and Trina Larson establish their first retail space in Vancouver’s Uptown Village (2309 Main Street). The new store will host a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, October 16 at 4 p.m.

Prior to the move to Uptown Village, the Larsons worked from their Clark County home, selling customized apparel for businesses and individuals. Their new retail space serves as both a showroom and a more comfortable place for clients to learn about their products and services.

“We’re not just a rock band shirt manufacturer,” Randy said.

Having corporate accounts has always been a priority for Salmon Creek Outfitters. Businesses come to them for custom apparel like shirts, sweaters, hats and aprons.

“A really great aspect of marketing for any business is being able to take your logo and your brand anywhere,” said Randy. “We call it a walking billboard.”

With specialized equipment and software, Salmon Creek Outfitters can turn any logo into an embroidery design. Two industrial sewing machines can produce professional looking hats right out of the retail space.

Beyond selling apparel, customers can find locally produced cosmetics and food items throughout the store. This includes soaps, lip balms, candies and beard oil. These locally sourced gift ideas, said Randy, are a lot more special than a pen with a logo on it.

For Salmon Creek Outfitters it was important to be more than just a warehouse shipping t-shirts to people – an option the owners briefly considered prior to settling on the retail showroom idea.

“We wanted clients to come to a place where they can relax and not feel like they’re in a hurry,” Randy said.

Being located in downtown Vancouver also comes with the benefit of pedestrian traffic wandering in the store.

“The neighbors come in and we feel so much more a part of the community by opening our retail showroom,” he added.

The Larsons paid a lot of attention to detail when they set up their space, sourcing their interior design materials locally to reflect Pacific Northwest culture and history.

“We both love the Northwest and wanted to celebrate our rich heritage,” Trina said.

The retail space’s interior includes design references to logging, shipbuilding, mining and fishing to help people get a regional experience.

“When a guest walks in it’s about a feeling, an experience; a change in their day,” said Trina. “They smell the scents, they see and they get to touch the fabrics.”

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