Why I give

OpEdNonprofit Ed Lynch

So what about Ed? As a giver I certainly rank below those examples above. My wife and I were teenagers during the Great Depression and we married in 1947 after World War II ended. We both started saving money the day we were married, almost certainly due to our memories of the Great Depression. Money at that time was exceedingly scarce and the little that we earned from babysitting and delivering/selling newspapers had to be used for the family’s benefit. The result of our savings and investing was that we were in very good financial shape upon my retirement from earning a living and, therefore, in a position to give more than we had previously.

I give. However, at the same time, I live in comfort, travel at will and reluctantly spend money on political affairs. Certainly I could give more by not spending as much as I do on myself. Regardless of all of the above, the facts and the excuses, the bottom line is that I give because it is the right thing to do.

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