Sponsor Message: Creating a Culture of Giving

Jennifer Rhoads

Similar to for-profits, the nonprofit sector changes rapidly. The Community Foundation for Southwest Washington has a history of adapting to these changes, whether that is designing grants to better address needs or diversifying our giving vehicles. More recently, we chose to pursue a broader role beyond administering funds and making grants.

For thirty years, we’ve built a solid reputation by providing quality philanthropic support and advice to our fundholders and grantees, but now we are applying our expertise to establish something more: a culture of giving. By engaging nonprofits and citizens around community issues, we hope to identify broad causes that inspire every resident to invest in our future through philanthropy.

To pursue these goals, the Foundation has collaborated with many partners on new projects, with the most exciting being Give More 24! — a day of giving for nonprofits that serve southwest Washington. By visiting www.Give-More-24.org at 7 a.m. on September 18, anyone can stretch their charitable dollars for 24 hours. That’s because Give More 24! offers a $75,000 match pool and twenty $1,000 nonprofit prizes to encourage contributions.

Our Board and staff are working to inspire a culture of giving for a more vibrant and engaged community, and we feel that this event will touch every facet of our mission. We invite you to join us for this community-driven day of philanthropy and to leverage your social networks to show the impact we can achieve through charitable giving. Together, we will each play our part and make a big difference in our community.

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