Business Spotlight: Dentus Dental: Creating a culture of giving

Kirk Shillinger Jacqueline Angel

“The real difference is our people,” said Angell. Their lowest tenured employee has logged six years with the office, proving their staffing to be incredibly stable.

According to Shillinger, the company has maintained its crew by having fun and promoting from within, but that stability is also a result of their culture of giving back together.

From day one, Dentus Dental has been more than just a dental practice; philanthropy is at their core.

“I grew up with my parents giving back. We were not raised wealthy by any means, but they always managed to find a way to give back to the community,” said Shillinger.

That spirit of giving back has certainly woven into Dr. Shillinger’s life and practice. He has served at the Vancouver Free Clinic for 11 years and sits on the board of the Clark County Skills Center.

“This career is a gift,” said Angell. “I feel privileged to do what I do and be able to give back. Dental pain around the world is so broad, to be able to help them, you see how grateful they are.”

Dentus Dental clinicians and staff alike find themselves serving both internationally and locally. For seven years, Angell and her staff have travelled to the Dominican Republic and Haiti with the group Evergreen4Kids. In fact, four of her staff are members of the organization’s board. She and a hygienist have also spent time in Togo, Africa to offer their services.

The staff at Dentus Dental helps out at home too.

“We’re very excited to be working with Remote Area Medical (RAM). It is a really touching story of Stan Brock working in Africa to help people and then realizing how much need there is right here in rural America too,” Shillinger explained.

12 of Dentus Dental’s 18 member staff are heading to Seattle where the Key Arena will be the site for a RAM event in October. Anyone who needs care can come and receive a full range of medical, vision and dental treatments.

“Millions of dollars of care are provided. Lives are actually saved,” Shillinger said.

Whether serving at Operation NightStrike providing care to homeless under the Burnside Bridge in Portland or tending to the clinic at New Heights Church and Compassion Vancouver clinic at St. Joseph’s Church, Dentus Dental has touched our local community in many ways.

“We even have our version of ‘Pay It Forward,’” said Shillinger. “Our patients can nominate family or friends who need care but cannot afford it. Our only request in return is that they find an organization of their choice to give back to in some way.”

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