A Note From our Sponsor: Together We Can Lift All Nonprofits

Jennifer Rhoads

Last year, you might recall that the Community Foundation teamed up with 84 nonprofits to present Give More 24! – a 24-hour online giving marathon for Southwest Washington. Thousands of people logged on to www.Give-More-24.org, supported causes they cared about and watched as their gifts were boosted by a $75,000 stretch pool.

In one day, our collective effort raised more than $426,000 for nonprofits serving the region. It also brought 528 new donors to local organizations, accounting for 28 percent of the day’s total donors.

These are incredible numbers, but they are even more amazing when you think about the potential for growth. Blackbaud’s 2014 Charitable Giving Report measured an 8.9 percent increase in online giving last year – the first time in five years that number hasn’t risen by double digits. In contrast, overall giving raised just 2.1 percent last year. The point: donors are gravitating online.

This is why we spearheaded Give More 24! And, while we were amazed with the results, we also know that donor turnout didn’t even account for 1 percent of our region’s total population. Our community has more to give, which is why we’re aiming to raise $750,000 during our second installment of Give More 24! on September 24.

Local businesses can contribute in many ways to make this day a success, and I’m not just talking about corporate gifts. Companies can engage employees in workplace giving competitions or even provide marketing muscle to participating organizations. Finding a role that fits your capacity is what this event is all about. It’s the one day where we can all give as one and achieve greater outcomes.

Jennifer Rhoads, CFP, is the president of the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington.