H+H Briefs

RS Medical gains accreditation

Vancouver-based health care product provider RS Medical received accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, allowing for improved status with large insurance providers, according to the company.

The company specializes in products for pain management, physical rehabilitation and orthopedic and spinal regeneration.

State hit by rising health insurance costs

The state of Washington will pay 7.9 percent more to provide health insurance to state employees in 2009, according to the state Health Care Authority. However, the cost to cover retired state employees on Medicare is set to decrease 1.1 percent.

The Public Employees Benefits Board approved medical and dental procurement plans that continue to make most of the same health plans available to state employees next year but at higher premiums. The cost of providing care to the 330,000 people covered by the PEBB program will be about $1.5 billion.