Breaking Ground

Cherry Neighborhood Park

Clark County Public Works will break ground Feb. 5 on the Cherry Neighborhood Park, located on N.E. 101st, between145th and 146th Avenues in Brush Prairie. When completed in July of this year, the 3-acre park will include bike trails, a playground, a picnic table, a basketball half court, irrigated open lawn play area, benches and landscaping. The $245,000 project is funded through park impact fees and the real estate excise tax.

Pacific Community Park

Thompson Bros. Excavating will break ground Feb. 5 on Pacific Community Park, a 56-acre facility owned by Clark County and located on the south side of S.E. 18th Street, between 164th and 172nd Avenues. When complete in June of 2008, the $3.5 million project will offer an extreme sports park, playground, fenced dog run, basketball courts, hiking trails, benches and covered picnic areas.

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