2013 Start-up of the Year

Michael Hippert-Pangea Motors LLC

Based on its evaluation of a Comet prototype, the Philippines’ largest jeepney association has ordered 10,000. The first Comets should hit the Manila’s streets this summer.

Hippert sees Pangea manufacturing jeepneys and other types of electric people-movers for other countries as well in the United States. Applications include airports, college campuses, large industrial complexes, military bases, resorts and parks.

In the future, Pangea expects to design its vehicles so they can serve as their own wireless access points, facilitating communication with a central command center and the power grid, vehicle-to-vehicle communication and parking assistance.

2013 Start Up of the Year Finalist

Prashant and Monisha Gagneja-Must Love KidsMust Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry

Who wouldn’t want Iron Man to be there for your first dentist visit? Must Love Kids Pediatric Dentistry utilizes entertainment and imagination – based on Marvel and DC Comics – to promote positive oral health care habits to children. The clinic, owned by Prashant Gagneja, the former chairman and associate professor of Pediatric Dentistry at OHSU, and his wife Monisha, opened in Vancouver in June 2013.

The new dentistry focuses on the “senses that evoke fear – the noises, the smell of the place, the textures, the colors,” said Gagneja. A relaxing fragrance, a “parent lounge” instead of a “waiting room,” and décor featuring kids’ favorite superheroes all help take the anxiety factor out of a trip to the dentist. They also help Gagneja’s practice stand out in a crowded market.

In the last nine months, the practice has grown to 1,200 patients of record, and this month they are adding a fourth dental treatment room in their space as well as hiring more dental assistants. Within the next six months, stated Gagneja, they hope to add three more treatment rooms, hire additional front-desk and back-office staff, and probably another full-time pediatric dentist.

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