Keith Scott

Keith Scott
Keith Scott
The energy conservation consulting business, according to Scott, has historically meant consultants working with contractors, who work with retailers, who work with wholesalers. “But we come in,” he says, “and we buy directly from manufacturers. It used to be, by the time the customer purchases something, they’re number four in the channel. We’ve gone out and found the best of the best manufacturers. We custom design a project, sell it direct, facilitate the customer bidding out the project, and ensure they get the best cost all the way through.”

Using this leaner model, Pacific Energy Concepts helps other companies in the Pacific Northwest region maximize their energy use and efficiency while also finding ways to reduce their utility consumption and costs.

“We educate our clients about what products they’re currently using, what efficiencies are possible and the products that are available, and also what incentives there are for using them,” says Scott.

The company’s projects can include “something as simple as taking down and replacing a lighting fixture,” he says, to full building upgrades with computer networks and timers, “daylight harvesting” (using natural instead of electric light when available), solar-powered water heaters, and much more.

“In the electrical contracting industry so far,” says Scott, “there have been electrical contractors who do the installation, but they don’t specialize in these products. We’re doing something
very specific and we’re
doing it well.”

So well, in fact, that in 2011 the Energy Trust of Oregon named Pacific Energy Concepts “Top Performing Trade Ally,” based on the total amount of energy they were able to save their customers. “And we’re just a little six-man crew,” says Scott. “The next one after us was a huge company.”

Scott started Pacific Energy Concepts in July 2009, hired his first employee in 2010, and “we just hired our seventh.” Revenue and profits have increased notably every year, for average growth since 2009 of more than 800 percent.

Scott started small and started smart, launching the company with just $3,000 and carefully avoiding debts.

“The goal since opening the doors,” he says, “was to put every dollar made by the company back into the company to ensure rapid growth.”

Just months after opening, Scott began working with SCORE in early 2010, “to make sure we put into place a successful financial model. We were able to structure our pricing and gross profit margins to ensure the company can continue to grow and thrive.”

Now that they have a strong base and a reputation for excellence, Scott is looking at expansion. In 2011, they added a tech center and showroom, in order to better showcase the products they offer. Earlier this year, the company invested in project management software and training, to help “increase our scalability as we grow,” according to Scott. Pacific Energy Concepts is now considering plans to expand, aiming to add a Seattle location by the end of 2013.



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