Aadland Dental


AadlandDentalIn an industry marked by negative numbers, Aadland Dental is a bright spot. Owner Kristine Aadland said that her firm’s annual revenue grew by 24 percent last year, compared to a national average of negative 9 percent; her patient load grew 18 percent, where again the national average was negative. She also said that most existing practices gain about 15 to 20 patients per month, compared to 55 per month for her firm.

Founded in 2009, Aadland Dental started with a vision of keeping a small team of four. But Aadland said that they have grown so fast they have expanded to seven employees within three years. She also owns her own building and leases space to an orthodontist and a day spa.

Aadland said her unique business model has contributed to the firm’s success. She uses up-to-date technology, such as digital X-ray equipment and a system that enables her to provide patients with new crowns in a single visit. Also, she said, her firm is on the preferred provider list for many insurance plans. While many dental firms shy away of that because of reduced fees, she said, she has found that in this struggling economy people want to go to preferred providers because it saves money.

“It’s part of the due diligence of being part of the community,” said Aadland, “to treat everyone like family according to the golden rule.”


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