Code: 40101



In re the Marriage of:

Case No.: 12FA001019

SONIA D. RIENECKER, 4225 N. 63rd Street, Milwaukee, WI 53216

Petitioner,-and- RICKY A. RIENECKER, Unknown, Vancouver, WA


The Petitioner hereby petitions the court for divorce, and in that respect states as follows: 1.The petitioner, Sonia D. Rienecker, whose social security number is xxx-xx-6563, is an adult, born November 1, 1957, who currently resides at 4225 N. 63rd Street, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and is unemployed. 2. The respondent, Ricky A. Rienecker, whose social security number is unknown, is an adult, date of birth  is unknown, whose last known address is unknown, Vancouver, WA; and is employed by unknown. 3. The parties to this action were married on May 1, 1983, in Wahiawa, Hawaii. 4. There were no children born to the parties during this marriage. 5. Upon information the wife is not pregnant. 6. The petitioner has resided in Milwaukee County for more than thirty (30) days preceding the commencement of this action. 7. The petitioner has resided in the State of Wisconsin for more than six (6) months preceding the commencement of this action. 8. The marriage is irretrievably broken. 9. No other action for divorce or legal separation by either of the parties hereto has been at any time commenced nor is now pending in any other court or before any judge thereof in this state or elsewhere. 10. The petitioner was previously married. 11. The respondent was not previously married. 12. The parties have not entered into a written marital agreement as to property division. WHEREFORE, the petitioner requests the following relief: 1. For an absolute divorce. 2.  Maintenance be denied to both parties. 3. For a division of the property of the parties. 4. For a division of debt of the parties. 5. For such other remedies to which petitioner is entitled. You are Hereby Notified that pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 767.087, during the pendency of this action, both parties are prohibited from any may be held in contempt of court for: 1. Harassing, intimidating, physically abusing or imposing any restraint on the personal liberty of the other party. 2. Encumbering, concealing, damaging, destroying, transferring or otherwise disposing of property owned by either or both of the parties, without the consent of the other party or an order of the court or the family court commissioner, except in the usual course of business, in order to secure necessities or in order to pay reasonable costs and expenses of the action, including attorney fees.

These restraining orders apply until the action is dismissed, a final judgment in the action is entered, or the court orders otherwise. A violation of the Above Restraining Orders May Result in Punishment for Contempt, Which May Include Monetary Penalties, Imprisonment, and Other Sanctions as provided for in Wis. Stat. § 785.04. Dated this 10th day of February, 2012. Sonia Rienecker, Petitioner This Document Drafted By: Law Office of Hazel J. Washington, S.C., Attorney Tarena W. Franklin, State Bar No.: 1031904 2828 N. 60th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53210 414-444-4260 414-444-4270 (fax)

Mar 23, 30, Apr 6, 13, 20, 27

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